Xjahdi Amajai Kumara


It is with the deepest of Love that I welcome you on this path of Loving Presence. It is my heart dreaming to be of Loving Service as a Mumara in this school, supporting you to awaken to the Truth of who you are as a Divine Being.

This is my third school of Self Mastery, having journeyed with Qala and Amaya in the Divine Mother Mystery School of 2007 and more recently with The Self Mastery School of Creation in 2012. I have grown exponentially through these experiences so it gives me great joy to now be a guide for you on this path of Self Mastery. May the Love and Grace we open to together, bless your soul, your family, all your heart dreamings and our beloved Mother Earth.

My journey began at the age of 19 when I was introduced to meditation through a spiritual circle; it was then that I first experienced a deep soul remembrance of my spiritual nature. I have practiced various forms of meditation and inner work where I experienced profound states of expansion, deep stillness and pure love.

One of my most memorable spiritual experiences was in more recent years after I'd started my training as a Seer with Qala. I was in meditation and found myself soul traveling to an Inner Plane Temple on Andromeda. Here I observed a council of 22 light beings, each one holding a unique vibrational frequency and form, together creating a very palpable field of consciousness. Beings from other worlds were able to travel through this field for the purpose of sharing higher consciousness. I watched as other Masters and Emissaries of Light entered into this field, joining in communion and transmitting together through Andromeda. I was then shown that one of the 22 divine presences in this council was actually my own Higher Self from Andromeda. I merged with this one and opened to a profound connection with all of the 22 beings. I experienced my oneness with them and knew well the consciousness and frequency of each one within me.

It was through this experience I realized my soul's connection to many worlds and understood I held a very expanded consciousness through all I was able to access in mergence with my Andromedan Self and this council.

I was then shown that I was to create a Circle of Light using 22 selenite crystals. I was guided that this would allow me to instantly open to my Councils of Light and access the gifts of my Presence. I knew this technology as The Sphere of Oneness and was blessed to be able to manifest it in co-creation with Qala and Saajz Raphael as part of The Crystal Sphere Project. The Sphere of Oneness supports multidimensional integration and alignment to Oneness. It is used for my personal ascension and also supports individuals or groups for healing, activation and Planetary Service.

This inspiring experience allowed me to see how profoundly we can be accelerated upon our path through opening to our Higher Self bodies that exist in other dimensions, and how manifesting the sacred projects we receive can deeply support us personally and humanity, in their ascension.

Xjahdi's Gifts and Path of Service

Xjahdi is a professional massage therapist and bodyworker, accomplished in the more traditional healing arts, for over 20 years. His practice is on the Central Coast of NSW Australia where he lives with his partner Shola and daughter Elise. In his spare time, Xjahdi enjoys a simple life; meditating, being in nature, bush walking, swimming in the ocean and spending time with his family and friends.

Xjahdi's own personal journey has been one of lifting the mind's veils, so he may embody deep stillness and Presence, where true love and knowing reside. It is Xjahdi's heart prayer that humanity may come to know this place of stillness, love and peace within and move beyond the mind's questions and uncertainties. His vision is that all may realize the infinite potential they hold within and the Eternal Loving Presence that is our Source.

Below are some of the gifts Xjahdi has opened to over the many years of his training.

  • Seer — The ability to See the Divine beyond the veils of illusion and to channel Source frequency for the purpose of healing, realignment, clearing and activation of the Truth within an energybody or field.
  • Soul Travel Guide — The ability to travel through the inner planes and guide others to the Temples, Sacred Portals and Libraries of Light within the Earth and Celestial realms, for healing and Higher Self reconnection.
  • Multidimensional Channel — Working with Celestial and Ancestral Sound and Light frequencies that create a shift in one's energy matrix and DNA.
  • Sacred Artist — channeled imagery and light language that supports a shift in consciousness.
  • Light Librarian — Supporting a soul's access to Divine Wisdom through the Inner Plane Libraries of Light.
  • Divine Mother Channel — The ability to hold a field of Unconditional Love and share the frequency of The Divine Mother through sacred sound and wisdom teachings.
  • Sphere of Oneness — A Crystalline technology that supports your soul's healing and the integration of your multidimensional nature.
  • Keeper of The Celestial Matrix of The Mind — supporting the consciousness of the mind to carry the consciousness of the Higher Mind of God through the Celestial Connection.
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Xjahdi is a gifted Seer guide, channel and healer, having worked with initiates on the spiritual path, both in Australia and internationally. Xjahdi's Divine Presence illuminates and activates a soul's energybody and consciousness, opening a soul's access to the Divine Mind and The Libraries of Light. The Libraries of Light are held on the inner planes, they hold the wisdom teachings and divine consciousness, which support the activation of a soul's gifts or acceleration of the gifts one already holds within.

Xjahdi works with both individuals and groups in his multidimensional journeywork. His gift of creating and anchoring sacred space, allows a soul to enter communion with their Divine Presence, Spirit Guides, Enlightened Masters and Councils of Love and Light.

His commitment to his own inner work since the age of 19, through meditation, self exploration and Self Mastery techniques, have allowed Xjahdi to embody deep states of Presence. Xjahdi's Loving Presence supports a soul to feel safe, so one may open to more expanded states of Divine Love, Truth, Wisdom and Higher Consciousness.

Xjahdi has dedicated his life to a path of Divine Service, Co-Creating with his Presence, Sacred Art, Meditation and Healing Programs that support humanity's consciousness to ascend. He is involved in service projects with other Keepers and is also in the process of creating several programs that will be offered in the near future.

Keys of Illumination: An Ascension Program that supports a soul's Higher Mind access to the Libraries of Light.

Crystal Clear: A service that offers cleansed and activated Crystals for use in creating altars, anchoring sacred space, accessing deeper states of meditation and communion.

Trees of Light: Encoded art images created for an individual for the purpose of activating the pathways of love and light through one's energy matrix. Bridging a soul to the consciousness of their Higher Self and the Higher Consciousness of the Earth.

The Illumined Mind: A 3 day program that focuses on

  • Releasing self-sabotage through the minds reptilian consciousness.
  • Opening the mind's receptivity. Supporting the guardian consciousness of the mind to release its control mechanisms so one may open to the new teachings and universal light.
  • Opening to the Clarity of your higher guidance. Meeting the aspects of your consciousness that hold unresolved soul memories that filter your higher guidance.

Divine Mind: A program supported by a series of templates used for the purification of the mind and its ascension into the Buddhic Plane, the Christ Plane and Celestial Plane of Light.

Group Meditation Journeys: Guided meditation journeys that support soul's to receive blessings, healing and wisdom through the sacred portals of the Earth and Celestial Realms.

C.O.D.E: Workshops that open one to the power of their creative nature, birthing the Sacred Artist within. Co-created with his partner Shola (Keeper of Codes).

The Evolution Gateway Project: An online portal that supports the evolution of consciousness through high frequency, sacred art, products and services. Co-Created with Saajz Raphael, Zalia Chamuel and Shola Christos.

Co Creators Group: A weekly gathering in sacred circle where all practice and apply the principles of Co creation (Creating with one's Presence). Sharing our gifts in service to the highest good for all.

Dream Weavers: Journeys to the portals of the Earth with other Earth workers and light weavers. Sharing our frequency in divine service for the seeding of The New Earth.

"I am deeply grateful to Qala and all the spiritual teachers and guides who have blessed my path with such Wisdom and Grace, allowing me to awaken to my divine nature. May our journey together in this coming year allow you to realize your own divinity and the Loving Presence you are."

Xjahdi Amajai Kumara

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