Your Commitment

Once you are guided to accept this invitation to join the school dear heart, we invite you to remember that it is your heart, your guides, the Spirit of all Life that brought you to this place of knowing insideā€¦ and to place your awareness upon how to now make this year, the highest benefit to your path. It is for this reason we ask you to make your commitment to your heart, your guides, God, your Loving Presence so you may birth your open heart that has been tickled from within you n ow through this invitation to dance with your heart for one year.

We invite you to accept these commitments now, with all of your love and with the understanding that as you set this intention, God responds and the dance begins. We pray now that this dance continues as a never ending measure of the love you will embody.

  • Offer dear heart, a minimum of 7 – 8 hours a week to the compulsory modules where you spend time in connection to receiving the Self Mastery and Love Initiations practices and give time to your Service Projects as an act of love for yourself and towards others
  • Regularly communicate with your student guide/Mumara, not only for the benefit of receiving divine assistance, love and support when it is needed once a month, but also to share honestly and truthfully from your heart, what is needing healing and resolution in your life so you may begin to take the steps of self mastery, and to free, open and cleanse your heart energy more deeply so your life and energy may be illuminated by your Loving Presence.
  • Create your regular energetic connection to your Loving Presence through the practices offered through the program with the intention to embody your loving awareness, your Higher Self. This is done not only to commune with Spirit for the evolution of your heart and consciousness and the embodiment of your Loving Presence, but also to focus this communion on improving your physical reality and the transformation of the your own inner energies that may attract or create negative experiences in day to day life.
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  • Take responsibility for your own energy if you begin to feel imbalanced or have difficulty, by asking for assistance firstly, from your Loving Presence and the 13 angels, and your Enlightened Master guide, and secondly from your Mumara and other members of your training group (the Lyra pod) through connecting with others, rather than making the choice to isolate oneself dear heart, to withdraw from the group consciousness of our love pod.
  • Use the materials and support offered to move beyond your fears to co-create the expansion and evolution of your heart through your daily life activities, and to bring the presence of love into all that you give your energy to. Live life more deeply through the guidance of your Loving Presence, dedicating yourself to following the guidance you receive through your heart connection.
  • Accept that the power of love and the unified heart of Loving Presence can truly support you to live a life that more deeply resonates with your soul, and to accept that if one truly wishes to receive this support, one must open one's heart and trust one's heart and Loving Presence more deeply in life and be open to new learnings on the spiritual path. This includes the embrace of one's life challenges, with great compassion for self and others.
  • Consciously walk the path of loving kindness towards self and others through all challenges and circumstances no matter how they seem and to give love to your mind each time it may wish to justify actions or thoughts that truly do not resonate with your Divine Heart, your essence.
  • Honour and respect the Teachers and Mumaras of the Self Mastery School and all they have met on their path of self-mastery over the many years of their training with the Enlightened Masters. This will allow them to be able to support you to also embrace your life with a new level of mastery, and to learn lessons more easily through all they have experienced on their path of self mastery. To honour, love and respect yourself and all others in your pod and choose to work with universal law and your Loving Presence to bring resolution to all you cannot honour, with love. This will empower you to release what no longer serves you without the need to enter victim consciousness, dear heart.