Your Magnificence

There are no special abilities, skills, gifts or knowledge needed dear heart, to receive this training. We simply invite you to be with your heart, and ask of you to intend to source all from this essence, your pure source of love and to explore this path with your Loving Presence and the assistance of all that will be offered to you throughout the one year school. It is a willingness to do this that is of the greatest importance so we ask you to enter the school with this understanding. You do not need to be spiritually gifted in any way, to be able to see or to soul travel, or to have any other gift open for all that you may need to strengthen your heart, to build your love, to grow in loving awareness, to seed this into your life experiences, will be brought forth to you by your Loving Presence, your overlighting guides, by Love itself, by your Heart, your teachers, the energy and consciousness of the student materials, the mumaras, and the family you will join in pod consciousness.

The gift of this school is already inside you, and it will simply be nudged to open like a beautiful flower so you do not need anything other than your magnificent self, just as you are now, to enter this training.

This training is deeply heart based and we invite you to understand that the heart has a timing all of its own. To be with the heart, one must be willing to surrender to the process of the heart, which lies in the Mystery for each one of us. You will be asked to let go of that which you may feel is a necessity, a priority, as you surrender to that which comes from the loving truth and wisdom of your heart. You will be required to learn to give deeper and deeper trust to your heart and as you are supported to do this, transformation will follow through the mastery of your love initiations, as they arise, with your Loving Presence shining the light upon your path. This process will bless your consciousness and birth your loving mind so you may enter the higher awareness and thought forms of your Higher Self energy.

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Your willingness to embrace the divine laws of the universe and live in harmony with them, and to offer loving service to others to balance any karma that may otherwise arise, will support thoughts and feelings to naturally transform and offer the freedom for your soul to sit in a higher state of receptivity with your Presence, the universe and all of life.

You will not need to have the ability to do this at the beginning of the school, but being willing to accept that you can learn to do this with love, to benefit your quality of life and your effect upon all others, creates the first step of self mastery of your energy, and an opening to this ability. Each soul has dreams in life, and these can be brought into reality through the self mastery of our energy and consciousness in our lives. This mastery is based on love and our pure light frequency and you will be required to reach deeper into your heart to source this for each step of your path.

It is all within you dear heart! Taking the small steps in life through relying on your heart each day, will bring the experience of love to you in all its forms through releasing all desire of fulfilment and all neediness for anything outside of self. You will begin to explore the inner reality of yourself until all masks drop away and your heart is free to fly each day to experience what truly is held within you. This is the path of your heart. Your first step with love is to give it to yourself, with great compassion, for this will strengthen you, your heart, and excite you to be able to naturally give more love for your experiences of oneness, unity and wholeness to grow in your life.

Step upon the path of divine love with us and ignite your heart and allow the release of the old pain and heart memories you hold to shift and transform so a renewed, beautiful, inspired, joyful you, awakens to a new day, each day of your training with us. Give it one year to begin the journey of choosing your heart to be your guide every day of every other year of your lifeā€¦ trusting your heart as the most powerful healing force that will open the inner flow of your heart energy to every part of the Divine You so you may know yourself in all of your amazing magnificence and natural genius, as Higher Self, the loving wise presence.