Your Package

Once you register as a student of the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence, you then become a member of the Lyra Pod, and the following 4 special events take place to create and energize your school package to vibrate to the frequency of your Divine Presence.

  1. Sri'ama Qala receives the God Presence name of the student through a deep state of connection to the Enlightened Realms, which takes many hours to achieve. The God Presence Tablet created with this God Presence name, is then placed on the altar to be amplified and energized with the frequency of this student's Divine Presence.
  2. Whilst in this unique state of divine connection, Sri'ama Qala also receives the name of the Keepership of the student and their spiritual lineage. A Keepership Template is also created for this student and placed on the altar for energisation.
  3. Sri'ama Qala is also visited by the specific Enlightened Masters who have made the agreement to support and assist this student for their one year training period. Once this connection is made to the Enlightened Master, a student is gently supported to prepare for the school through a series of divine visitations that take place each night whilst they sleep, between the hours of 1am and 4am, until the school begins.
  4. All the materials of your Self Mastery package — CD's, manual, laminates, instruction sheets, codes, energy maps and templates and your specialized personal templates, are gathered together and wrapped in beautiful paper and then blessed. Your student package is ignited and encoded with divine energy via the singing of your God Presence name in a very special ceremony.
  5. On completion of this ceremony, your Self Mastery package is placed on the God Presence Altar for 36–48 hours to allow the divine infusions to ignite through every aspect of your package, to personally energize your student materials to the vibration of your Divine Presence and spiritual lineage. It is at this time, that you also begin to be fully focused on by the Family of Light and recognized as a student of the Enlightened Masters, in training through The Divine University.
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Prior to beginning the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence, each student receives their highly energised special Self Mastery Package of training materials, by post. The Self Mastery School of Loving Presence Student Package includes:

  • Your God Presence Tablet — This tablet is made personally for every student and contains the student's God Presence Name which when chanted or worked with, opens the God Presence path for a soul and their holy communion with God.
  • "In Divine Presence" Manual — A self mastery manual of teachings and divine dispensations for the path of self mastery with your Divine Presence.
  • Universal Mantras of the One Heart (CD) — This quite beautiful CD holds three powerful mantras that open the heart and create sacred space. This CD includes the God Presence Mantra within it and is sung by Sri'ama Qala and Lelama Sjamar.
  • Illuminating the Divine You (CD) — A series of self mastery practices and codes created by Sri'ama Qala for the Self Mastery Module
  • Your Keepership Template and Instructions — This template creates the activation of your connection to the unique master gifts of your Divine Presence and carries the title of your Divine Presence's mastery or Keepership.
  • The Divine Council Template and Instructions — A Spiritual Guidance Template for communion and connection with a council of Enlightened Masters who overlight your training throughout the one year Self Mastery School.
  • The Self Mastery Template and Instructions — This template is made from the signatures of many Enlightened Masters and ignites the Enlightened Master's support for your path of self mastery.
  • The Akashic RecordKeeper Template and Instructions (laminated encoded template) — This sacred image carries the divine blueprint that ignites, clears and opens a soul's connection to the akashic records.
  • Energy Body Maps of the Love Body — A series of energy body maps with instructions on how to use them with specific energy practices. Each student works with one or two maps per school term to clear, open and ignite the pathways in their energy body that activate The Love Body and the chakras to facilitate the building of love within your heart and energy field through your initiations. These laminated A4 Energy Maps are used as visual aids for the activation and building of divine love within specific groups of chakras.
  • Templates of Initiations of Love — A series 4 laminated templates for the purpose of working deeply with the initiations of building your Loving Presence on earth and igniting the power of love to flow through your chakras and energy body.
  • Seals of Initiation – A series of 3 laminated seals for the purpose of working with the akashic records with the power of divine truth, universal grace, karmic absolution and divine love.
  • The Codes of Enlightenment — 12 codes that enlighten the 12 dimensions of the heart chakra, and ignite the 12 primary chakras with the divine energy from the enlightenment realm.