Greater Benefits

Beloveds, there is a divine blessing of higher awareness given to each student in the school regarding the nature of their soul journey and how they may develop their heart in a completely new way which is not based on the old patterns of belief and limitation. During the year, all students receive understanding of the core fear or belief held on a soul level which undermines their inner authority to love themselves, love others unconditionally and receive divine love. The highest blessing of the school is the support offered to each member of the Lyra pod in regards to this heart chakra clearing and development. This clearing involves the repatterning of one's soul consciousness and the clearing of the old original core memory and belief held on a soul level which denies love and one's Loving Presence from raising and guiding one's energy and consciousness in one's life path and manifestation. The heart development of clearing the inner heart crystal of the heart chakra is a primary focus in the school. This heart chakra development is not taught or understood by many and is one aspect of the school training for the opening to one's Higher Self.

The blessing of the Holy Mother and overlighting Enlightened Teachers are received as divine transmissions of energy, which over the year, will alter the energetic makeup of the energy body, open chakras and clear aspects, creating a shift in energy and consciousness. This blessing creates a transformational shift within the inner nature of a student and when they integrate this and have aligned their actions and choices to their heart, the outer shift in their physical and material life also takes place.

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The original soul wound is a memory that threads through the consciousness of a soul until they have cleared their soul karma, family karma and karma with humanity. It is held on a personal level, monadic (soul family) level and collective level and it is the completion of the first three initiations of love – self love, family/soul family love and love for humanity, that creates the healing transformational path of a soul to open their heart chakra to themselves, all around them and to their fellow humanity. The original soul memory of loss of faith, divine innocence or child nature or one's true self identity, can be a powerful instigator for a soul to close their light or limit their light connection and choose to not stand in their light and receive their higher truth for their life. The blessing of this school is that it is a pathway for students to take their empowerment back from this initial soul memory or fear and truly ground their light connection on earth through their open heart. As this light connection is accepted by the soul once again, they also feel embraced and supported by the Family of Light and no longer sense or feel they have been abandoned, left behind, or disconnected from their greater soul or spiritual family. Students will be receiving information regarding this primary soul wound, of either loss of faith, divine child connection or one's true self identity, and will be supported to embrace this soul wound and clear it over the three terms of the school.