Your Love Initiations

As You Truly Receive Love, You Shall Give Love More Freely

This one year journey invites you to free up your own heart in many different ways. As you are a multidimensional being, this will be unique for each one of you, and specifically grow to be a very strong, tangible experience of deep love, daily, as you train yourself to listen to your heart each day and receive love through your heart. It is this receiving of love that will free your heart and give your soul the loving empowerment and connection and tangible feeling of support from your greater Presence. This feeling of deep connection and support is that which enables a being to give, all that their heart guides them to give, beloved. This opening is known as STRENGTHENING THE HEART.

Over the journey of the training, your Loving Presence will be guiding you to strengthen your heart in 3 primary areas of your life. Upon receiving the very first heart connection process in the school, you will be asked to create a journal and receive from your Higher Self and Loving Presence, what you are strengthening your heart for, opening your heart to, and grounding and embodying love for in your life between 2014 and 2015. These three questions, and receiving within via sacred processes, the answers to these, will open your soul and spirit to a new negotiation within your consciousness, and ignite you to begin the journey of moving through three initiations of divine love over the year.

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Each of these initiations are known as the Initiation of Self Love. The first term of the school is called SELF LOVE. This involves opening your heart to all aspects of yourself — all of your consciousness. The second term of the school initiates your heart to SOUL FAMILY LOVE and involves the opening of your heart to family, soul family and community. The third term of the school initiates your heart to HUMANITY'S LOVE and involves the opening of your heart to your fellow humanity.

Throughout this one year training, it is these three initiations that you will be supported to embrace and master with the divine assistance of your Loving Presence, God, The Holy Mother, your overlighting Master Guide — an Enlightened Master teacher, your Angelic Council of Love (13 angels assigned to assist you), your teachers, your mumara (student guide) and your pod (all others in the one year training). As you embrace them to the best of your ability, you will receive immense grace, love and support to truly free your heart so you are able to give from your heart more freely in all areas of your life, beloved. This is the greatest freedom and heart experience! It is this that creates greater embodiment of unconditional love and the tangible experience of unconditional love.