You Will Receive Many Divine Blessings from the Holy Mother

Over the one year training, all of the school materials, training sessions and focuses offered to each student, are overlighted by the Holy Mother's divine presence. The divine presence of the Holy Mother is in truth, the flame of love held in the heart of all beings, in all life that is known and all life that is unknown throughout the cosmos. This loving presence is aware of your concerns, needs and divine heart wishes, your inner struggles and joys, hopes, successes and celebrations within all time, space and dimension. The Holy Mother invites you to accept that although you have many heart wishes in your present conscious awareness, there is much more occurring in your field than you are aware of. Inside your heart is a soul that holds all you need, within you. All you need is already within you and it is the Holy Mother's role in your life to support you to discover your own heart and what lies inside it so you may be fulfilled in self love, as well as open yourself to receive unconditional love, beloved.

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The two paths, of opening your self love and receiving unconditional love, are the two paths that allow you to embody unconditional love for all others and share it with all beings. Although you have many wishes, wants and you hold personal focuses to be successful in your life, love is the key to fulfilling your heart, and it is when love flows deeply through you that you can open all doors, all areas of your life with the power of unconditional love. In this training, The Holy Mother's role with you is to bless you and bring you the unconditional love when you experience a strong aspect in your consciousness, withholding love from yourself or from another for one's own personal reasons. Her role will be to accept and love you unconditionally, and support you to also accept and bring love to this part of yourself, beloved. As this occurs, and this aspect of your consciousness accepts unconditional love again and chooses to love self and let go of its personal limitations, your heart will open another petal and another aspect of your consciousness is free to flow through your open heart and experience and embody unconditional love, deeply. The love of the Holy Mother is so powerful, that the deepest, oldest and most ancient aspects of your consciousness that do not believe in love, have not been able to accept love up until now, will be freed through her dispensations and your acceptance of love on behalf of these aspects of your being. Blessed be all Beings!