The Angels of the School of Loving Presence

Every student in the school will be working with a team of 13 angels, each day of their training. These 13 angels will be in their sacred space, working with them each day and connecting them to their Higher Self, and Loving Presence. These 13 angels will be reminding each student of the path of love, the choice to align to love whenever fear arises, and to invite all aspects of self to align and to remember that the love within is greater than any challenge, if this arises in life. These 13 angels are responsible for offering divine healing assistance to each student when they ask for assistance. They are responsible for opening the spiritual portal for them whenever a student sits down to go within and connect to their heart more deeply and receive the training sessions.

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They are responsible for grounding the pillar of love through the chakras of the student when the student begins to meditate and open their divine connection through the training sessions. The 13 angels are responsible for cocooning each student when they are experiencing a deep release or a need to release fear, or something they may be unconsciously attached to that no longer serves their divinity and the experience of their heart, truly. These 13 angels are known as the student's Angelic Council of Love, and from the first day of the training to the last, they will be visiting for 9-15 hours a day to offer the student divine assistance in their life and through the journey of their one year training. This is a divine blessing for every student of The Self Mastery of Loving Presence training!