Self Mastery Module and Electives

Self Mastery (Core Module)

Self Mastery is a 12 month module, which offers the divine teachings regarding the inner workings of your consciousness and energy. Self Mastery of your energy and consciousness is created through mastering 12 special elements within your conscious life experience. Each month, you are guided to gently honor and explore one of 12 primary elements that form your present, conscious experience in your life. Self mastery comes through igniting these elements of self with divine energy, and bringing your heart energy through these 12 lessons of self mastery.

Each month, you may be guided to work with one of the 12 lessons and 2 accompanying audio recordings. This module is accompanied by a manual, which may be opened at any time to receive extra assistance, understanding or new perspectives regarding your life experience. Self Mastery invites all to gently alter their perceptions and consciousness in alignment to igniting the love and light within these '12 special elements of self' which are covered in these 12 lessons.

Self Mastery Elective 1

Universal Law

This is a new elective being offered for the first time in the Self Mastery training system. The trainings will be scheduled during Term 1 and Term 3 of the school. This elective is facilitated by Sri'ama Qala through internet training in chat rooms and by listening to audio recordings and following specific exercises that integrate your own life experiences through the application of universal law in your life for self transformation purposes.

Truly understanding and aligning your consciousness to the universal laws, offers all freedom from limiting situations in their life. As all investigate and practice aligning their consciousness to universal law through this elective, all students will be guided to apply these universal laws to their present life situations, and to witness the transformation of specific situations in their life.

Self Mastery Elective 2

Enlightening your Aspects

This new elective is being offered for the first time in the Self Mastery training system. There are two levels within this elective and either one or two levels may be worked with, to enlighten the primary aspects of your soul, masculine or feminine energy. The two levels of training will be scheduled to be received during Term 1 and Term 3 of the school. However, if students are guided by their hearts to receive the first level of this module in Term 2 instead of Term 1, this may be received via the recordings and the training materials created in Term 1. All materials will be available via the online student library. This elective will be facilitated by Sri'ama Qala through audio recording and by following specific exercises provided that guide you to empower yourself and become the central guide or authority of your life, via enlightening your primary aspects.

Self Mastery Elective 3

Self Empowerment — Grounding your Multidimensionality

This elective was a very popular elective of the last Self Mastery school. It supports a soul to receive the core understandings for them to be able to empower themselves and guide their spirit, and align their will to the core of their heart. It gives the fundamental missing teachings for all students, on how to ground deeply on their spiritual path and offers simple and very clear understandings of how to be the clear loving guide of your life and accept you are a multidimensional being of light. The elective consists of 8 lessons which each include a 90 minute teaching (audio) and a 30 minute energy practice. The elective also offers the transcripts of the audio recordings.

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Self Mastery Elective 4

Temple Work

This elective is made of 6 sacred lessons created by Sri'ama Qala that guide you through the basics of Temple Work. It is received via a series of 6 sessions of audio recordings and lessons. This elective was created in 2011. It guides all students with how to work in a higher dimensional temple so the spiritual and healing transformation work a soul engages in, is always enhanced and of the highest manifestation.

Self Mastery Elective 5

Opening to your Loving Presence

This elective consists of 4 levels of heart development created through a series of audio recordings facilitated by Sri'ama Qala - journeys, teachings and simple practices that develop new connections within your heart chakra. The elective is designed to support you to open a conscious connection with your Loving Presence in your life as you develop your heart chakra and activate specific circuitries of the heart. This elective may be taken in any of the 3 terms of the year, as guided by your heart.

Self Mastery Elective 6

Awakening the Power of your Loving Presence

This elective is offered via a series of audio recordings and journal practices created by Sri'ama Qala, which have been designed to open your heart, give you a higher overview of your life, and create a new level of unity consciousness within your energy and consciousness. This elective supports you to establish a new level of Higher Self connection and to journal from your Higher Self connection about your life, and receive guidance regarding how to create love to flow in areas of your life.

Within this elective, you are guided through a series of sessions, which prepare you for a primary session in the elective. This primary session is held in a temple, and is a sacred communion experience with your inner holy trinity — your feminine spirit, masculine spirit and soul — the three primary sources of your consciousness and conscious life experience. During this primary session, you are guided to support all 3 levels of your consciousness to make a deep heart connection and activate a new flow of unconditional love into areas of your life where this is needed. This elective may be taken in any of the 3 terms of the year, as guided by your heart.