Divine Love Module and Electives

Divine Love Initiations (Core Module)

This module is being offered for the first time in the Self Mastery training system. It extends through all 3 terms of the school and is facilitated by Amaya Makira Ma. In each term, it includes written lessons and audio recordings for 8 beautiful journeys with the Holy Mother, and specific exercises that guide a soul to clear their karma and complete their initiations of divine love in their everyday reality. Throughout the year, this module offers 24 x 90 minute journeys with Loving Presence for the purpose of igniting the heart chakra with 24 sacred flames of divine consciousness.

8 Flames of Compassion — Holy Mother Teachings, 8 Flames of Wisdom — Holy Father Teachings, and 8 Flames of Divinity — Holy Spirit Teachings, are offered to all students so they may ignite their heart to birth their Loving Presence and access the power of divine love within, to complete their initiations with love.

Divine Love Core Elective 1

Counsellor of Light Training — Akashic Recordkeeper Training in Reading the Records of the Heart

This is a unique one year training as a divine reader of specific akashic records, which are held in the Christ planes for a soul and any group they are connected to, beloved. These records are read through any of the 7 levels or dimensions of the heart chakra, and each relate to a specific relationship a soul may hold.

These 7 levels of the heart relate to:
  1. Their soul (inner self)
  2. Their partner or mate
  3. Their family
  4. Their soul family
  5. Community
  6. Humanity
  7. Their spiritual family

Information around the heart of a soul and their heart connection to any group is also able to be read through this specific form of akashic record reading.

The Counsellor of Light training offers the teachings and practices and session work for a soul to learn to enter their Higher Self connection to read any of the 7 dimensions of the heart, necessary to clear any akashic records, relating to the blockage in the flow of love, conditions around love, and sharing of unconditional love. It also initiates a soul to work with the Karmic Board for this purpose and activates their light channel via their Higher Self to grow stronger. To fulfill this training, one will need to attend the 5 day live training in Bali held after the one year school training is complete.

This elective is being offered for the first time in the Self Mastery training system by Amaya Makira Ma in Term 1 and Term 2, and by Sri'ama Qala in Term 3 of the school.

The trainings are offered via our internet chatroom and are very special and unique experiences which uplift and ignite the love and light of all students.

All are placed in energetic chambers as they sit by their computer and join Qala or Amaya Ma in the internet chatroom of the school. Through the exchanges in the chatroom, all students receive visitations from the Family of Light and divine assistance, as Amaya Ma or Qala guide them through their training of opening their connection and learning to read the akashic records that are held in the different levels and dimensions of the heart chakra.

This elective is a pre-requisite for the 5 day residential retreat which offers the second level of this training as a Counsellor of Light. On completion of this one year elective and the 5 day retreat, all who also complete their practice session work, will be accredited as 1st level practitioners — as Counsellors of Light. This beautiful 5 day retreat is being facilitated by Amaya Ma in Bali on 8–14 May 2015 on completion of the one year training.

Please note: The fees and accommodation/food package for the 5 day retreat are not included in the fees of the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence.

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Divine Love Elective 2

The Prayer Program — Embodying the Holy Mother's Love

The Holy Mother offers this elective as a divine training in the power of prayer and in the creation of prayer. Prayer is one of the most powerful forms of connection to God- Source and when spoken through the open heart, can create miracles for all who are receptive and ready to receive blessings, divine assistance and love. This elective offers any student the path work to begin to embody the Holy Mother's unconditional love for all beings. The Prayer Program is offered to guide souls to not only enter the deepest connection of their heart in selfless service to all beings, the path of the Holy Mother, but also instructs souls to access the heart prayers of their Loving Presence, and to create these prayers from a deep place of heart connection. This elective will be offered my Amaya Makira Ma in Terms 2 and 3 of the school via teachings and Prayer Program group service projects.

Divine Love Elective 3

Divine Service — Activating your Path of Service

The Holy Mother offers this sacred elective to all students. It is based on the teachings of service, and the relationship of the development of the heart and Loving Presence through acts of service in benefit to Mother Earth and all beings. Service guided by the heart is a powerful act of love and can free a soul from invisible karma, held hidden in the dimensions of their heart. To free the heart, service is one the sacred teachings of the Holy Mother. All guided to free their hearts through service, will be supported to receive their service project each term or for the year, and learn how to open their heart to this and create commitment to their service path, and create love as they give their time and energy to this service.

In this elective, you will be assisted to clear your old initiation records in relation to service so you can open your heart to the guidance of your Loving Presence, and offer the service which is of the highest benefit to yourself and all others, without the need to use your own will to guide your path of service in accordance to your personal preferences. This elective will guide you to align to your path of service and to step out of the way, and let go of your personal will to follow the guidance of your heart and Loving Presence.

Service Initiations are long term initiations that create the largest evolution in one's energy and consciousness and heart development. The first aspect of these initiations is based on being guided by one's Loving Presence to make amends for acts, deeds done or not done, in response to responsibilities in other lifetimes. The second aspect is related to the shift in consciousness and heart development that takes place through letting go of the ego based focus upon self only, one's needs, wants, personal preferences and desires, and moving towards a greater, group consciousness based focus, aligned to touching the hearts of others for the greater benefit and upliftment of all. The third aspect of service initiations is based on the understanding that when a service initiation is completed, what one has held in other lifetimes as a greater gift or power as a soul, does return back to one's being. As aspect of this elective will be offered by Amaya Makira Ma in each of the 3 terms of the school via teachings and guidelines for specific planetary service projects. There will also be a forum component connected to this elective, a place for sharing components of the path of loving service.