Modules & Electives

Over the year, and at the beginning of each term, you will be asked to listen deeply to your heart and align your mode of training and the subjects and sessions that you will work with, to your heart energy. It is this powerful act of aligning your mode of training to your heart that creates the embodiment of more love to occur each term.

All materials for all electives and modules are made available to all students. There are two core modules, one core elective, and 8 additional electives on offer.

Each student is asked to begin the school through working with both of the core modules — Self Mastery and Divine Love Initiations. In Term 2 or Term 3, they will be asked to receive their guidance on how to pace their sacred session work with these 2 core modules in accordance to their own heart development, karmic clearing, personal needs and timing schedule.

At the beginning of the year, students will also be guided by their hearts, on whether to choose to train in the core elective as an Akashic Record Reader of the Heart, during the year.

At the beginning of each term, all student will also be asked to sit in consultation with their heart and Loving Presence to receive if they are to work with any of the other 8 additional electives during the term. This method of receiving heart guidance each term, is a very important part of the school training. The teachers and mumaras will be supporting all students to reach this level of self empowerment in their lives, via truly listening to the heart.

There are 2 core one year modules of study, 1 one year core elective, and 8 additional electives (smaller units of study that extend for 1 or 2 terms of the year) that your heart may choose from, as your study focus during each of the three terms of the school year.

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Overview of Modules and Electives

Divine Love Modules and Electives

  • Divine Love Initiations (One Year Core Module)
  • Counsellor of Light Training (One Year Core Elective Module — 1st Elective of Divine Love) — Akashic Recordkeeper Training as a Reader of Heart Records)
  • The Prayer Program (2nd Elective of Divine Love) — Embodying the Holy Mother's Love
  • Divine Service (3rd Elective of Divine Love) — Activating your Path of Service

Self Mastery Modules and Electives

  • Self Mastery (One Year Core Module)
  • Universal Law (1st Self Mastery Elective)
  • Enlightening your Aspects (2nd Self Mastery Elective)
  • Self Empowerment — Grounding your Multidimensionality (3rd Self Mastery Elective)
  • Temple Work (4th Self Mastery Elective)
  • Opening to your Loving Presence (5th Self Mastery Elective)
  • Awakening the Power of your Loving Presence (6th Self Mastery Elective)