The Higher Purpose

Over the year, all students in the school will be supported by The Holy Mother, The Enlightened Masters, their Loving Presence, their teachers and mumara (student guide), and through the dispensations and healing journeys offered through the school's training materials, to align to their core energy and heart centre for one or more of the following three primary purposes:

  • To develop and deepen the conscious experience of listening to one's heart, receiving truth via the universal heart connection rather than the mind, and being guided by God's love and one's Loving Presence.
  • To receive from the higher realms of light and love, the support, so your soul can reclaim and reactivate and open any part of your heart that is needed for the primary initiations of divine love — self love, family and soul family love, community love and love for humanity — to be completed. Completing these primary initiations, activates one's experience of Loving Presence on the earth.
  • To offer divine service to the Earth Mother and humanity, through the development of one's Self Mastery of the Heart, and the activation of one's service path and development of giving, on the path of love.
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To support each member of the Lyra Pod to receive what they uniquely need to activate their own unique path of Loving Presence through this training, a large selection of Modules and Electives of Study are on offer to each student.