The Power of Divine Love

To be in love, to be loved, to share love, to know love and trust love, is to know God and the innocence that all souls hold within their hearts. In a world where such duality pervades the mind and influences the actions, words and intentions of so many, love is the only answer and the only true medicine for a soul to be free in this world, and be happy.

Love calls you every day and calls all souls to remember that the simple, pure energy that lies inside the heart, is the door to all forms of liberation, and to that which is the truth beyond all duality perceptions.

Within you, is a Loving Presence that is your highest guide on your spiritual path. Accepting, trusting and knowing that this presence does indeed reside within you, is a journey of travelling more and more deeply into your heart.

To discover this innate force of love, inwardly, allows the flow of this great love to pervade throughout your life and through all that is held in your outer reality. Liberating oneself from the wheel of karma, moves a soul into higher states of communion with this love. The light of your soul carries both karmic memory and carries the truth and wisdom you have received on your eternal path as a soul. What lies between your innocence in this love and your mind, is the karmic memory that is bound in time - memory that makes no sense, comes as pure feeling and at times arises as belief in the duality perceptions of separation from your love's source, beloved.

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To carry yourself in this world where so many live with love, and many live without love, your reflections and contributions are your greatest teachers. Your reflections in the world, may gift you many learnings and opportunities to return to this source of love within your being. Your contributions in the world, each day, gift you freedom from the karmic memory that may lie between the innocence of your heart and your mind.

The Self Mastery School of Loving Presence is a portal for a one year journey with others in pod consciousness who also, from the core of their heart, wish to study with the Enlightened Masters and bring forth into the world, more love in embodiment. Embodiment of love requires the journey to be a conscious exploration of your inner and outer energy. It requires a soul to discern when they are truly sourcing from the heart and sharing pure love, and when they are at the effect of karmic memory and filtering this pure love. The filtering of the pure love of your soul, takes place when your mind and the duality perceptions which can be held by the mind, become the guide for your life.

What guides you, and how you are with all your experience in life, is the key to your embodiment of love, beloved. Is your guide, the love held in the core of your heart, or is it the karmic memory that influences your mind, beloved?