About the Lyra Pod

The Lyra Pod is the group heart energy of all who commit to training in the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence. The Holy Mother has placed out the clarion call to 100 or more students worldwide, to link hearts through the Lyra Pod, for the higher purpose of service to the earth and all beings. The higher purpose of the Lyra Pod is to assist a large group, as representatives of the collective of humanity, to accept and embrace the power of Divine Love, which is held within every Soul's open heart. This power of divine love is also called one's Loving Presence.

Lyra is a higher dimensional gateway of love in the heavens, which supports all souls to receive back any aspects of their heart that need opening through the power of divine love.

All who enter their initiations of divine love, meet aspects of their heart which carry fears related to opening more, to Love. Without the support, grace and assistance of one's Higher Self, The Holy Mother and the angels, many do experience the 'dark night of the soul', as the deepest fears held on a soul level arise and become activated.

The transformational healing journey we will be experiencing in pod consciousness, will take place on a planetary, collective, and personal level.

We will be assisting many souls on Earth who are presently stuck in difficult situations, in what is known as experiences of the 'dark night of the soul'. So our greater service as a pod, will be to those in our collective, who suffer from this experience, of the closure of their heart chakra, which creates this experience of the 'dark night of the soul'.

As a group and as individuals, as we sit in sacred sessions, receiving beautiful journeys into the higher dimensional temples, we will be building a pillar of love, resting in chambers of love, protected and safe, and entering a temple of love. As we engage in these sacred sessions, we will be receiving powerful and loving journeys and higher frequencies of light and love through our energy systems, and moving through a deep process of opening petals of our heart and aspects of our consciousness, to receive love and transmit love.

As individuals, we will be overlighted by an Enlightened Master and our Loving Presence, to journey inside and represent our families, our community, and all of humanity, in the embrace of an aspect of our heart which may carry a soul wound, with either their:

  • Self Identity
  • or Faith
  • or Divine Child nature
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As each individual student meets what is needed in their own life, and works with the training sessions, and receives support from the greater pod, their mumara and teachers to activate their Higher Self connection, and complete their divine love initiations, activate the love and light through any closed aspect of their heart, they offer the highest service to their families, community, humanity and the earth through clearing the memory of core fear held in the DNA, influencing all in their genetic and soul lineage.

This is cleared from the DNA of all who share their lineage, simultaneously. This is the special, personal puzzle piece they offer as service to their family and soul family, through fulfilling the sacred transformational healing work of the school.

In service to Mother Earth, the whole pod will build their group heart energy, and anchor more than 100 pillars of divine love from Venus or Arcturus, in the heavens, and ground these through their communities to open a Love portal in their own home and community. This divine love portal will feed love from either Venus or Arcturus, to all souls in the community who need the loving support to open their hearts.

In service to each other in the pod, all members of the Lyra pod will work with their Arcturian or Venusian Higher Self to heal an aspect of their heart. This will be unique to each person, and as the pod completes the one year training and integrates all they have received, they will activate a greater healing within the group heart of every member of the Lyra pod. The group heart of each student is known as their monad (the greater consciousness of their soul extensions or spirit). As each individual does their personal, puzzle piece work, all of the monads of every student are blessed to receive all of the healings created by every individual student. This is created through all of the members of the Lyra Pod, being supported to enter an Angelic Group Merkaba with the Holy Mother and Higher Selves, for one year, and through this special divine connection, of training in this angelic group merkaba, (Lyran Pod) all students in the school receive the healing that all other students create with their inner work.

This training system of working in group consciousness is the way Angels, Archangels and ascended beings of light work together. We are so grateful to the Holy Mother and Enlightened Masters for opening the Lyra Pod for our sacred journey.

The Lyra Pod and Self Mastery School of Loving Presence is the 9th school and 9th pod, that Qala Sri'ama will be training on behalf of the Enlightened Masters. It will be her final Self Mastery school. The Self Mastery schools will continue to be offered through Qala's three co-teachers, with her loving support, but she will not be a teacher of these schools after this school completes. If you have always wanted to join a one year school with Qala, this will be the last Self Mastery school or Sacred Mystery school she will be offering, as her world mission will be changing after this 9th school.