Rai'yina Shivati Sheehan


My soul smiles gently with the knowing that to share through the path of the Mumara is my next step, and for this opportunity I am incredibly grateful.

I welcome you as a blessed soul here on this earth walk and invite you on a journey of opening more deeply to your sacred path in life. As one of nine Mumaras, I will be there to support you through your training to the best of my ability. My heart wish for all students is to find that deeper place of 'home' where they feel held, willing to grow into their full potential, feeling empowered to take each step guided by their heart, and allowing themselves to be supported by the Family of Light and all in the School of Loving Presence in full co-creation. I invite you to feel into this potential within your heart now.

Late in 2002 I saw a flyer for the first Gaia Sacred Mystery School, a precursor of the present Self Mastery Schools, and wondered what it was all about. A week later I found myself applying, still none the wiser, just feeling internally pushed. When the email came confirming acceptance, I felt my soul literally jumping for joy inside of me even though my physical body was perfectly still. This was my first conscious connection to my soul in this life. I was a complete novice with meditation and anything 'spiritual', having done minimal 'delving' prior to this time. So, from the medical model and world of nursing to mystery school was quite a stretch, and a journey well overdue. That 12 months was a time of deep opening, shedding the old, assimilating the new and 'remembering' much, all with such love and grace, and the blessed challenges that became my gift of growth.

Since this time I have been blessed by many experiences and physical journeys with spiritual teachers to Peru, Bolivia, Egypt and the USA. My 'gridworker' nature has slowly been unfolding through these connections and ensuing participation in two more schools, one as helper at final retreat in Hawaii and one as student in the Sanura Pod. Gridwork is a mastery held by my being through many lifetimes, and part of my journey in this life is to reawaken to this mastery held with the Earth Mother, and to offer these gifts in support of the unfolding of Peace on the earth through connection with others in group consciousness for the raising of the vibration within the grids and portals of the earth. This is an ever deepening process that has given me so many blessings in my day to day life here.

A profound experience with Spirit occurred some years ago when I was out in Kings Canyon in Central Australia with three friends. I was drawn to sit on a large rock in the middle of the dry creek bed in the canyon and as I did this, glancing up at the sheer cliff before me, the landscape dropped away and in its place flowed the most amazing scene. As I watched it unfold around and through me, I became aware of the infinite potential of the universe and all within it. I knew myself to be one with this flow that was unfolding the creation of the Earth, and in that moment, felt the infinite flow of love within all of creation. In this experience I instantly knew the sacredness and divinity of every rock, grain of sand, water molecule, tree, animal, and the potential held in every human heart.

It was one of those life affirming moments ,indelibly etched in the memory that sustains you through challenges and times when you may feel like you are just marking time. I recognized that each and every day of this earth walk is a profound gift, no matter what is unfolding.

My simple wish for humanity is for each heart to find and live the infinite peace that is available in every moment, for when we live peace, we live love and all is in divine flow.

Ra lives on a divine 3½ acre property near the beach with her elderly mum whom she is very blessed to be caring for at this time. She finds great joy in nurturing a small forest on this land and delights in the visits of many wallabies and a variety of birds. She loves being on the water in her kayak or walking on the beach or picking fresh produce from her small organic veggie garden and fruit trees.

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Blessed gifts Ra brings to this School

Over the last several years, she has co-created with her Presence and the Family of Light, several tools of assistance that are now forming into a cohesive body of work that will be offered through a series of workshops and individual sessions, as well as group co-creation Peace days at her property on the mid north coast of NSW, Australia, where there is a Peace Temple currently in the process of manifestation.

This body of work is known as G.R.I.D.S for Loving Peace and is based on the principles of Guidance, Receptivity, Innocence, Divinity and Service.

These tools include a set of 7 Universal Field Tablets, a set of 19 Butterfly Portal codes for working with the earth portals as well as the portals of the physical body, and a set of 12 Universal Law grid codes to assist a being to align to these universal waves of energy in their daily lives. Currently in project also, is a set of 12 templates to connect and align a being to their fifth dimensional light body, and these will all form the basis of a 6 month program of assistance to be offered after she has integrated the system through her own body.

The Peace Temple is a co-creation with Spirit and Gaia, with the loving assistance of the mineral kingdom in the form of selenite and several thousand rose quartz pieces, grounding many geometries of light and connecting to 72 sacred earth portals around the world and 12 starry portals. Sitting in meditation in March 2012, whilst a student in the Creation School, Ra was drawn to take a code she had co-created about 10 years earlier (Universal Wheel of Divine Consciousness) from the wall, and as she sat again, received instant understanding that this was to be created on the land. She received a large energy download for this creation which is revealing itself in stages. Over the coming years, pillars of universal law will anchor through the temple and emanate through the earth grids. The yin/yang geometry formed from dark and light stones encoded with glyphs and light language of the laws, offer the energy of balance through the grids. Through this balance and flow comes peace, and this is quite tangible when on the property. Many people who come to visit remark on how peaceful and special it feels on the property. Ra is blessed each time she sits to encode stones with light language glyphs of the relevant universal law through deep connection process. Much is cleared, reflections offered and a little more of the law's energy is embodied through her being. At the present time, group encoding days occur regularly where soul family come together to meditate, encode stones and radiate peace to the world through the temple grids.

Ra offers connection of a being's grids with the grids of Mother Earth through the resonance and mastery of her being. A person holds many grids of energy connecting the many dimensions and bodies that make up a being, and when these are connected and flowing with the light of Mother Gaia, the person feels 'at home', loved and nurtured wherever they may be on the earth, and the earth is able to feed the energy field of the being. Ra offers 2 individual session types in co-creation with the Family of Light. These are the Grid realignment session for when things are not flowing in life. This assists a being to see clearly what needs to occur to bring balance back into one's life; and the Grid upgrade session to assist a being to open and move to the next level of their spiritual growth.

Ra offers the gifts of grace, patience and compassion. She has had a life blessed by grace and shares this with each being she comes into contact with. People and things have always just turned up in her life, as and when she has been ready and willing to accept and embrace them. She invites you to receive this resonance of grace as a potential student, to allow the profound beauty of this school's offerings into your life. Through working with the elderly and disabled, she has learned great patience and a compassion for each person's individual journey.

Ra offers the gift of the heart of service. She has had the privilege of being in service in many forms throughout her life and through this has built and expanded her heart energy. She now offers this with great joy to assist students of the school.

Ra offers her love, pure, simple, unconditional and ever unfolding. The power of the gift of love holds unbounded grace within it and as it is shared with others, a natural amplified return of love occurs, of all that supports love to expand even more so more may be given. It is the truth of who we are.

May the gift of Peace flow upon the grids of your being

May all that is not aligned to Peace be lifted
from you in divine order for your being

May you share this Peace with all you come into contact with

May Peace prevail on Earth