Qu'elama Frayjia Mariza


I welcome all of you who are reading my words. I welcome you with an open heart so that we may grow together as close family, so that we may share in the wonder of opening our hearts together.

It has been important for me for a long time to open my heart by learning to let go of judgment and as this took place, loving myself became a priority. I have been opening my heart slowly and this has taken eight years of healing, clearing karma, activating parts of myself and realising I am on the path of keeping my heart open no matter what happens in my life. I know that this is still in process and will continue until I am ready to leave the earth plane. Every day I connect to Spirit by meditating in my heart or through spiritual work, and this is what moves me and opens my heart more deeply each day. In humility I accept my divinity, for my wish is to serve Spirit, to bring love and balance wherever I am, and to teach others about their divinity so peace can be found inside.

My heart dream for humanity is that we all live with an open heart, loving each other as we love ourselves, that all of us learn to live in harmony with the earth, with the stars and each other. My heart dream includes treating others as equal - those who are sick, those who are handicapped, those who are weak, those who are different. May we all see our divinity so that we may accept the divinity in others, equally.

As I turned fifty, I was guided to go to Egypt. This opened me up to new possibilities and it was the beginning of a beautiful new spiritual journey as up until then, my connection to Spirit had been through religion. I was soon guided to serve others through Reiki and from then on, I had several teachers. I started to work on myself, to heal, clear, to forgive, to love. I started perceiving Presence. That which I was looking for was a deep connection to Spirit and as time went by, this connection strengthened.

I now walk towards a stronger communion to Mother Earth, with the light beings that have supported me for a long time, and with Spirit. This is all that I ask for in this lifetime - a deeper knowing of what I am, and to find a way to be filled with light and to open my heart completely, all of the time. I now feel my connection to strangers, as if they were my family and I realize that truly they are, for we are one family.

I met Qala in 2005 and have completed three one year sacred mystery schools with her. The Alcyone pod supported me to heal through all ages as a child and through the Divine Mother pod of 2007, I reconnected to Divine Mother and understood that I needed to honor my initiations both as a woman and a mother. I am a mother to my children and also to many people and it is this mother nature that now opens my heart, wants me to help others and care for them. The Orion Pod gave me understanding of the different pathways that energy flows in the body for divine union and how to clear them in myself and others. I realize that all these schools have helped me raise my vibration, have helped me heal, activate my lightbody, and to accept and know deeply that all is perfect as is, and that one does not need to change anything to please God.

My commitment to the light is much stronger now. I seek balance in myself. I yearn for divine union and every day I work for this. I give thanks for all the beings in spirit who have taught me the way, that have supported my path unconditionally and that are always near me, and I thank those beings on the earth who have supported me with their love and joy.

I live in Mexico City and my home is a temple. I have built an altar where I pray and work, which is supported by beautiful crystals, by my own codes of sacred art, and by codes drawn by talented beings on their own journey. Into this home, I have invited groups to come to meditate, to learn to open their hearts, and to be able to create their own sacred art in the form of codes. I live alone now but for most of my life I've lived surrounded by many people. I have five children so there were always friends in my home, but now I have adapted well to solitude. There are days when I am alone all day in silence. I love those days. And there are days with my children and their children when I feel very gifted as love flows freely amongst all of us. We enjoy taking trips to the countryside, walking, climbing rocks, finding a river or going to a beach.

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The Gifts I Bring to this School

My gifts during this lifetime have served me to connect deeply to Spirit and to recognize what I need to do on my path. As I recognize each gift, my soul rejoices and my mind accepts in loving service.

My work in this life is related to Orion, the galactic heart. For me the gift of this connection is to live in unconditional love for myself and others. It gives me the ability to share my heart easily, in a deep way with my students, and to help them open their hearts also. As I have worked with Orion, I really felt a deep connection to all that is: mother earth, nature, all beings physical and non-physical, the stars and the universe, the ascended masters. Through the power of my connection that I have sourced from Orion, I am able to have confidence in myself as a teacher, to channel the Masters for others, to draw sacred art, all of this in an open heart and through a deep connection to Spirit.

As a sacred artist, I have created eighty-nine heart shaped codes, sacred images that have taken me three years to complete. As it was a beautiful journey of learning and of opening my heart that changed me, it will be so for others who work with them to open and clear their chakras, emotional body, mental body and heart.

I have been guided over the last five years to create codes for the ancient Mayan sites here to the south of Mexico City. As I created these codes, I was shown by Spirit, the entrance to the inner temples of these sites, on the inner planes. I will be working with these temples in the future and taking students there so they may enter the temples and learn to work within them. I have created six codes for specific star portals and each will have guided meditations for travel to these portals to receive journeys of healing.

I have also channelled twelve triangular codes that form a star shaped geometry, the Orion God Presence code. This God Presence Code supports beings to release fear and judgment and to open their hearts. The last set are eighteen codes that together form a diamond, the Orion Divine Union code. Each code set has brought a deep blessing to my life.

My connection to Mother Mary and Christ has been strong for a long time, since I was a child I've felt close to them. I have complete trust in these two Masters of Light as they guide and comfort me and are a strong presence in my life.

I am a divine channel and teacher as I open to receive information from the higher planes of Spirit. Over the last eight years I have been guided to clear my channel to serve Spirit in a higher way and I now use it to bring light and love to the earth. I have taught groups in Mexico and I love teaching those in my community about spirituality and what I have found during many years of working with myself, and what it makes me feel.

My heart has guided me to freely give in service for many years now and it has been my pleasure to offer myself in service with my Holy Spirit in a number of different ways. I have translated Qala's Golden Age Inner Plane Alchemy Manual into Spanish and also other important spiritual works, in service to those unable to otherwise receive precious spiritual teachings. I have facilitated programs in service to my community here in Mexico and have loved and enjoyed being a networker in my community, supporting other spiritual teachers to offer their work here also.

My commitment and dedication to my path helps me not hesitate to do anything that may advance my evolution and I have done this for many years. May my own experience during these years and my patience and trust that I am evolving, be a support for others.

My compassionate heart allows me to be close to anyone in need, to be able to help, to understand their feelings and to do this with all of my bodies, all of who I am, in service. This heart often guides me to offer sacred healing, and at other times, support with crossing over.

I pray that all of humanity evolve so that we really enter into a space of peace together, that we may have respect for others as we wish to be respected, and that we may love as we wish to be loved. May we all evolve together, into the light.