Sri'ama Qala Phoenix

— Qala means "a seed pearl of wisdom"

Sriama Qala

Sri'ama Qala is a spiritual teacher, sage and author of "Opening our Spiritual Eyes". Qala specializes in sharing the blessings, love, dispensations, visitations and timeless wisdom of the enlightened realms with her fellow humanity for the purpose of world peace and enlightenment.

Over the last 15 years, Qala has received over 4000 visitations from the Enlightened Masters, Archangels and Angels personally, empowering her to share high frequency teachings which illuminate humanity's chakras and energy field as they receive love and wisdom for their soul's heart opening, karmic clearing, self development and divine illumination.

Through her special gift of direct contact with the enlightened realms, Qala opens spiritual portals of light to gift humanity a higher level of connection with God-source, their guides, inner truth, love, their higher consciousness and divine presence whilst in her presence, or during their training as students of her short or long term training programs.

Her mission as a teacher and founder of the Divine University is to create higher education based on the principles of love, wisdom, divinity, faith, communion, service & charity and to support as many to learn to be energized, guided & sustained by their direct connection with God within - their Divine Presence.

Qala's student body expands over 20 countries. Qala has held retreats, seminars, meditations & pilgrimages in Australia, New Zealand, Bali, Egypt, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, India, Kenya, S. Africa, England, France, Germany, Italy, Switzerland, Hungary, USA, Mexico & Canada.

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The Path of Divine Illumination

No more Divine than you, yet truly Divine I Am

This is my truth and the truth I hold for you ...

Come into the arms of Divine Mother and Father ...
Love and Wisdom

... and be nurtured and raised until you feel you
could be no more filled ...

Source awaits you — Sri'ama Qala

Sri'ama Qala deeply believes in the inner light and heart of every soul being a portal for direct contact with God - Oneness or Source. Her teachings and training programs carefully guide a soul to return to their source -their Divine Presence to receive the divine energy, love and truth they require to live a blessed life and contribute their special gifts towards creating peace on earth.

As a pioneer in the evolutionary field of energy science and consciousness, Qala has created a large range of basic, intermediate and advanced level programs and trainings for the development of humanity's spiritual path, quantum shift into their hearts and evolution in consciousness. Her body of work forms a unique path of personal transformation she calls "The Path of Illumination".

The field of life contains much more than can be known, seen, felt, heard or understood. It is a field of limitless potential and when a soul learns to tap into the universal field and receive strong currents of divine energy, circulate it and transmit it, they open their divine connection to 'God within' and begin to illuminate their path of "Living in Divine Presence" in oneness with God.

Each program co-ordinates through a large range of subject matters and can offer detailed enlightened wisdom regarding the nature of the soul, mind, body and spirit, the development of the heart, universal law, karma, the human energy system, quantum light frequencies, the unified field, transformational healing, divine consciousness training, self mastery to initiating direct contact with God within, your Divine Presence.

The original spark of divinity, the eternal flame of the soul is reawakened and activated to initiate a higher level of awareness to operate within the mind, body, soul and spirit. As this original spark is activated within the chakra system, a soul's consciousness enters a deep process of transformation and as they illuminate their energy, more of their consciousness is freed from the experience of duality and becomes enlightened.

Blessing your Spiritual Path

Love is an eternal river that flows
directly through your open heart

Your soul is a great light upon this river of oneness

Love guides you and through love, God speaks to you

As you surrender all to the source of your heart,
to receive the divine truth for your soul

God within — your Divine Presence — gifts you all
that you need for your experience of Love,
Peace and Oneness with all beings

Blessed Be! Blessed Be the Earth! Blessed Be all Beings!
— Sri'ama Qala

Further Information about Sri'ama Qala's teaching programs

To receive Sri'ama Qala's travel itinerary for 2013 — Mexico, USA, Japan, Hong Kong, China, Mongolia, Tibet and India:

Sri'ama Qala facilitates world wide meditation linkups regularly throughout the year via a Charitable World Service Project for Karmic Clearing of the Primary City's Energyfield's:

Sri'ama Qala is the Spiritual Mother & Founder of the Divine University Project — a non-profit organisation in Australia:

To attune more deeply to some of Sri'ama Qala's one year programs:

Qala's Personal Assistant
Rapheah Sheehan
Unit 3, 12 Bayshore Drive, Byron Bay,
NSW, 2481, Australia
Ph: +61 2 6685 8658

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