Ocha Shanamaya Sheehan


Ocha welcomes you and sends you blessings of love from the heart of Australia, across land and sea to where ever you may be.

As an earth mother with her great love for the Earth, Ocha works with a large team of Ancestral Masters to reconnect and ground your energy system, your earth matrix, into the matrix of the Earth. Her ancestral self weaves the light between the Earth and your meridians and chakras, much like the mountain mother spirit transmits out through the leylines. She is like a conductor of a symphony beloveds, orchestrating this auspicious re-connection to your soul's Earth matrix. For all that you have been on the Earth is imprinted within her energy system, within the physical locations that you have lived through many incarnations.

Ocha receives from the guardian keepers, ancient light weavers of the red sands, Grandmother Turtle, many Earth mothers and fathers, the gifts of ancient mantra, sacred tones, transmissions of light and divine frequencies of voidal love from deep inside of Gaia's heart. She enjoys the co-creation of the New Earth between the Ancestral Masters and the Enlightened Masters in all the work that she does, recognizing the long history of this that humanity has been unaware of for a long time. This has led to a deeper understanding of how this is also occurring within her and all beings, and by activating her ancestral nature, by recognizing the divinity of her earth self, she has empowered herself to open so much more to the new world and new gifts, and to share this with others.

The physical body is strengthened and revitalized as the cells receive the Earth frequencies that especially support them through change and challenge. Her soul feels more uplifted, at home in her own skin, more supported and stable, and able to open to the new way of being. The gifts of grace comes with this earth connection, as the Earth holds the codes of time for creation and manifestation, and she has become more aligned to the cycles and seasons of this. Her physical body holds the grace through big initiations so that she is able to integrate her experiences with more ease and flow.

Ocha's heart dream for humanity is for all beings to be at peace with who they are in life, and to know and experience their divinity inside. She dreams this with Gaia. With her great love and compassionate heart, Gaia shows Ocha each day what this means, to feel self acceptance from deep inside, to see her self infused with spirit as it flows from the ocean of her being in through all of the cells of her body; the land and sea of her being, united, nourished, supported.

This has been Ocha's biggest challenge, to open to the light of God and the love of Gaia so that she could recognise and accept her gifts and their divinity. No matter how many amazing sessions or meditations she gave, how much others thanked her for what they received, or how many initiations she met, still it was her own praise and gratitude for herself that she thirsted for. This sounds simple, but it has taken much dedication and courage for Ocha to have met this within herself. She realized that by owning her gifts and acknowledging her divinity, she could then open to the love and light of God and Gaia. When this occurred, a peace came that was so profound, so new, and many veils lifted of her perceptions of life.

Gaia has shown Ocha the vastness of her (Gaia's) being, and how humanity is just one, quite small, yet significant part of this. She leads the way for our universe for the ascension of the spirit into physical form, and so she has granted us our own special creation realm for us to grow and play in, that we may ascend also in physical form. So Ocha's dream for humanity is for all to feel the acceptance of self and their divinity that brings peace inside and out, so that our lives become a living work of art in this beautiful world of Gaia.

Ocha lives in a beautiful coastal district of large, peaceful lakes, wild forests, craggy sandstone mountains and golden blue seas, just one hour north of Sydney. She loves to immerse herself in this landscape, and receive the teachings it always has for her. She loves the stars, the suns and moons, and to transmit their beautiful energy out into the Earth. The animals thrill her every time she sees one, like she is their mother, so proud of them, their perfection, cheekiness and authenticity. Ocha feels so at home when she is in soul family group, all pioneering the grounding of their Presence in love, joy and humility, sharing their stories and gifts.

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One of the most profound spiritual experiences Ocha had recently, occurred at a time when a very dear friend, Lamika, had become very ill and she was in the last days of life in her beautiful physical body. Strong circumstances prevented Ocha from being able to be at her bedside, and this aggrieved Ocha as well as Lamika, although by now, she was unconscious and in much pain.

Ocha received to give her a long distance ceremony, and over that time, she, with Mother Earth and the Emerald Mother, guided Lamika's soul through the forest, connecting her to the beauty and light of the animals, rocks, the temples, the waters and all who loved her. For two hours the Earth mothers and angels sang to her, guiding her, showing her soul the beauty of her life here on the Earth. Ocha felt that Lamika had received this into her consciousness to bring her peace, but still she also felt regret that she could not be there physically.

Later in the week, Ocha received a phone call from another friend of hers who had been talking to Lamika's oldest sister who was looking after her at the time. Her sister did not know about the ceremony, but she said how she was amazed to have seen with her inner eye, a red headed angel hovering for some time over Lamika's body, singing sacred language and transmitting streams of light to her. She was relieved to see that Lamika had become peaceful and had a big smile on her face. It was the exact time of Ocha's ceremony, and also at the time, she had bright red hair. She realized then that all was divine, and that she would not have been able to give her this had she been physically present with her. Ocha's inner guidance was right all the time, and her circumstances were divine. Blessed be. Ocha is so grateful.

Ocha connects people to the love and light realms of Mother Earth through leading ceremonial journeys to sacred sites, such as Uluru, New Zealand, the Blue Mountains and the local Sydney region. She also offers this through spiritual bush walks, in which she gives Ochre Blessings for the consecration of a soul's body as a beloved temple of light in physical form. Many people experience a profound connection to their Earth Self and to the Earth Mother that gives them renewed vitality, spiritual rejuvenation and a deeper sense of belonging. The ancient guardian keepers, portal keepers and councils of light, work with her in large teams to reunite people to the earth in this way and to ground their light bodies.

Ocha has discovered in her work that so many people have amazing gifts that are held in their lightbodies as packages of energy, such as inspirational ideas, codes of light that seed new creations and consciousness, the wisdom of their soul, sacred sound and mantra and keys to enrich all life. Yet these are not grounded within them, so they are unfulfilled, for there is no outlet for these gifts they hold without this Earth connection.

Ocha's gifts with reading the Akasha of a soul, her connection to her ancestral mother self and a large team of Ancestral Masters, Enlightened Masters and Nature Spirits, work together to hold all in the One Heart, so old energies release gracefully, and one feels safe to allow their gifts to be seen and expressed. Many who have received her ceremony, as well as group meditations and individual sessions, have experienced a new confidence and trust in their lives, as have her students from the previous Creation School of Self Mastery in which Ocha was a Mumara. She is so happy to be a part of this School to offer her support and share the amazing frequencies of Loving Presence in group heart for the whole year.

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