The Enlightened Masters

The Enlightened Masters are not individualised consciousness as we know ourselves to be. They are the guides for all souls who wish to enter, experience or connect to the Enlightened Planes of consciousness, also known as the plane of Oneness.

From the Enlightened Planes, they extend a part of their consciousness into light forms to visit and support any soul when they are ready to reignite their consciousness and enlighten themselves to experience Oneness with God or the Divine within, also known as their Divine Presence. The Enlightened Masters are neither female nor male in form, although they are often identified via their feminine or masculine incarnations in form. For example, Buddha, Christ and Mary are all known through their lifetimes on Earth, yet this was only a part of the consciousness of the Enlightened Master that incarnated to master specific lessons. As Enlightened Masters, they do not have feminine or masculine gender specifically, although may appear or communicate with souls via one of their light bodies from a specific incarnation.

The Enlightened Masters all share one thing. They are able to transcend all, manifest in matter as well as light, master duality, and they do not carry or attach to fear. They are pure vessels of love and wisdom and each one carries different gifts and dispensations for different purposes. Each one has unique responsibilities in accordance to their universal mastery.

When one is supported or trained by an Enlightened Master Presence, one is simply supported with love and wisdom to transcend duality and master one's life on Earth. When one asks, one is able to be given special dispensations to assist this to occur with more grace. As a soul recognizes and aligns to the universal laws of love, grace, forgiveness, oneness, divinity, karma and liberty, one is able to receive more assistance from the Enlightened Planes and open one's energy and consciousness to receive divine energy and higher awareness.

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Although they are able to offer these dispensations, the Enlightened Masters are unable to take anything away from a soul that they may need to experience so they awaken, enlighten or align to the love and truth of their Soul. They must work with a soul's karma as a soul is ready to take responsibility for their karma, and then they are able to lift the karma for a soul. Ultimately, every soul must do the inner work and transform their energy and consciousness through their dedication and commitment to drawing from their own source, the light and love within, their Divine Presence.

The Enlightened Masters simply guide and support a soul to return to this Source, their own divine connection, and offer wisdom, dispensations and love to all who are ready to open themselves to their Divinity and empower themselves on their journey of Enlightenment.

The Self Mastery School of Loving Presence is developed in oneness with The Divine Mother, Mother Gaia, the Ancestral Mother Council, The Holy Mother Council, and the emissaries of love and light from the realms of Love.

The 8 Primary Enlightened Masters who overlight the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence are known as Buddha, Sanat Kumara, Venus Kumara, Nada, Christ (Sananda), Michael, Faith and Tara… although a larger council of 96 Enlightened Masters support the Self Mastery School. This council includes Mary, Maitreya, Metatron, Germaine, Quan Yin, Grace, El Morya, Djwhal Khul, Kuthumi, Liberty, Portia, Archangel Raphael, Serapis Bey and Isis… to name some of these Enlightened Master Presences.