Mareesha Ma Kumara


Beloved heart, beloved soul, beloved being, we welcome you to the Self Mastery School of Loving Presence, honouring your dedication and your openness, your commitment to yourself and all of humanity. We pray that what you are now embarking on, this journey of exploration and activation, will greatly clarify and magnify your purpose and your understanding of great possibilities that will enhance your life and all of your relationships, that it will reveal to you a deeper understanding of your true self, the workings of love and consciousness and the field of oneness, of All That Is.

I offer you wholeheartedly, my help and support, gained through experiences and understandings from my own ongoing journey and the help and support of the teams that work through me — the enlightened ones, the Ascended Masters, the angels and the archangels, the Elohim and Eloha, the Karmic Board and all my teachers and guides.

In my life I have always been a seeker. Initially, my searching was for answers to relieve my own emotional pain. This motivated me to study psychology. Along the way I realized that my experiences or at least my reactions to them were fairly universal, and that what was assisting me to understand and move through obstacles would also be helpful to others.

My work as a psychologist has given me considerable insight into human minds and hearts and I have focused on compassionately assisting many people to overcome the effects of traumas in their lives, which have left them frozen and unable to move forward.

Through my spiritual studies I discovered the impact of having other parts of ourselves which are immobilized by memories we have no conscious awareness of. I have found working with these aspects of the self to be very profound work, assisting them to forgive and reintegrate into the one heart. This has shifted lifelong anxieties and depression from me personally, and given me an understanding of other realities, the transpersonal, that are not often dealt with in western psychology.

My heart's dreaming is for all to release their pain, for all to realize they are far greater than they have ever conceived of, that energy is real and that the energetic and spiritual realms, our inner worlds are greatly significant. For many beings, the rational and cognitive are not sufficient, even though they are tools that have their uses. Incorporating the spiritual into one's life, satisfies a deep yearning in humanity.

Accepting my spirituality has opened me up to far more than I ever anticipated — I met my soul family, it has led to greater acceptance and compassion, for myself and others, understandings about some of the mysteries that I had never before encountered in any education I had previously received, wonderful adventures and initiations — more than I can detail here.

Ten years ago, I began my training as a record keeper in the first of Sri'ama Qala's mystery schools. A few years earlier, I had been very pulsed to awaken and move quickly on the spiritual path. I actually was inspired to ask for a teacher, something that I hadn't ever thought of doing before then. It seemed as if I had an insatiable hunger to learn everything I could in a short intense time and I discovered energy healing, energy psychology and ascension work, all in the space of two weeks. I followed all of these paths simultaneously, while at the same time continuing to work as a psychologist, which I have now done for 30 years. I followed my guidance and this led me to travel to the USA a number of times, to attend conferences and trainings, and further travels to India, Mexico and Peru in South America, Japan, the United Kingdom, France, Egypt, Spain, Hong Kong, Central Australia.

Interestingly the word "akasha" had always drawn me even though I didn't know what it was. I read about the work of others who were working with the akasha. Little did I know that this was the type of work I would be reawakening through my training. The akashic libraries are still not something I know a lot about but I now willingly access and channel the information that is required to assist others. It has also helped me to clear many layers of my own unconsciousnesss and reintegrate parts of me long rejected and disowned.

Later I was invited to be a mumara of the Makira Pod, helping to train others to become akashic record readers. Despite many doubts about my abilities, I have witnessed profound changes in people I have had the honour to work with, using gifts I had no previous knowledge of. My beliefs about reality have changed dramatically and as I continue to grow and learn, my wish is that this experience be universally shared with all of humanity.

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The expansion of humanity's heart and consciousness is surely the next evolutionary step that we are called to take so that we can transform our world and our reality.

In late April 2013 I moved from sub-tropical Queensland to Bruny Island, Tasmania at the very south of Australia, onto a pine forested property adjoining a 5 kilometre wide bay called Cloudy Bay, overlooking the great Southern Ocean - an island off an island off an island. My heart has been pulling me here for a long time and for the past 9 years we have traveled here every year to visit our children and grandchildren who live close by, but earlier this year I knew it was the time to move. So the 2000 kilometre trek south led to what has become my new home and reality.

My greatest love is traveling the earth, going to places known and unknown, meeting the people who live there and connecting to them. I began traveling in my early 20s and have continued to do this as often as I can. Initially I just followed my knowing and went to many countries, quickly. My most recent journeys have been much more focused on specific portals and spiritual places. There can never be too much travel in my experience.

I also love being with my family, my partner of 38 years, my 2 children and 2 grandchildren. I was born into a large immigrant family and connecting to my siblings, nephews and nieces and their children regularly, is important to me.

I have a gift for cooking and creating delicious food whether for a small intimate group or a hundred people. Both are enjoyable. Growing the food I cook with, is another passion and I have had vegetable gardens for as long as I can remember. Finding the time to spend in them has been a challenge when I have been working long hours, but working in the earth is always so comforting that I will make the time whenever I can.

Now that I am creating more free time in my life, I am intending to paint again, something I haven't done for quite a while. My focus over the past few years has been to create codes on paper but I am being drawn to paint larger activational works.

I love my work as a reader of the Akashic Records of the Soul and Spirit, as a sound and energy healer and consciousness guide, providing transformative journeys and healing experiences.

Through the frequency my Presence carries, in my voice, my sounding, through touch and the golden energy I work with, people open up to their own source of energy, to soul and spirit and to God and Goddess. Through this reconnection to our loving hearts, we can open to that which is greater than ourselves, that of which we are both a part and the greater whole, activating our love and light to a greater degree, our love and compassion through our loving acceptance.

Through my own searches and struggles, wandering along the path I have experienced both disconnection and reconnection and the understanding that has grown through this adventure has honed my will and determination that I freely share with others. My gifts and challenges, for are they not gifts, are resonant for many on the Earth and I am only too willing to be a wayshower for those that seek this assistance.

I work with the Karmic Board, the Universal Laws of Grace, Love, Forgiveness, Divinity, Truth, Oneness, Liberty and Karma to access the akashic records of the soul and spirit, the unconscious memories that are preventing us from moving forward, assisting all to release and to reintegrate these parts of ourselves.

As a Record keeper, I work with the energies of body and soul, mind and spirit, assisting those that come to me to gain understanding and empowerment, restoring the structure of the crystalline body and activating higher dimensional pathways which realign and magnify our own abilities. Through sounding in the language of light, and breaking vows and agreements, wounded parts and forgotten aspects are transported and healed through forgiveness and divine dispensation, thus altering pathways in the brain and in our cellular structures.

Opening up to your source records, the records held in your heart, dear one, is one of the gifts I offer to all in the school who wish to work with me. Reading and clearing the memories held in the akashic records and in the chakras, with the assistance of the divine beings of light, the Karmic board, the Elohim and Eloha, is profoundly enlightening.

My love and blessings to you
Mareesha Ma Kumara