Ky'lama (Avittah Ky'lama Telos)


We are blessed
We are One.

The Universe envelops us in the light of knowledge, connection, truth and love. It brings us home to our Hearts in deeper understanding of who we truly are... unencumbered by anything but the freedom of our soul to soar in its liberation and inspiration and the infinite creation that we are.

Blessed Heart, the doorways of potentiality are opening at this time as never before on the earth plane as we step forth as a collective to embrace the mantle that as a soul, we hold.

We are held in LoveLight as we transform and transfigure our consciousness through the Light of Presence that is descending on the Earth at this time.

The Heart of Oneness opens deeply within and we embrace all that we are.

Blessings beautiful hearts, my name is Ky'lama, which means "of the light rays".

I have had an awareness of my sensory gifts from a very early age. My deep sentient nature and clairvoyance exposed me early in life to the Presence of many spirit forms from the Light and not so Light realms. I was raised in a religious family and my unusual visions of spirit and nature beings that I experienced at a young age were not encouraged and yet this environment fostered a religious knowledge, connection and relationship with God, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Angelic Realms. Growing up, there was a great familiarity in this relationship, and it brought comfort when unusual spirits turned up to communicate with me.

My life has felt as if the Presence of God/Goddess was always around me. There have been times through my early years where I did not intentionally engage "Spirit' in my life, and yet looking back there was always a Presence there.

At the end of 1985, early 1986, I underwent a significant life change. I underwent a soul exchange. My personality underwent a shift in my relationship with my soul and a higher understanding of who I thought I was, took place. It was a deep process of recalibration and awakening of my being. In truth, it felt like I had been unzipped and the old outer part of me was taken away to allow the new higher part of my soul to Re Birth within/through me.

The integration of this soul exchange brought a greater awareness of my connection to the Stars and Divine Presence. I began to experience a releasing of karma in relationship to genetic and soul aspects. I was able to begin to understand the unique nature of each soul's journey on the Earth plane, and yet acknowledge the inter connectedness to all life. Integrating the nature of Soul exchanges and Soul Upgrades has been synonymous with the path of Lightworkers on this planet especially over the last 10 years. This has been the result of the choice of the soul of Lightworkers and their Divine Plan to activate the potential of their evolutionary path at this time in service to Mother Earth and all beings on the Earth.

I have had many experiences with the Celestials particularly the Pleiadians. I have been lifted into higher dimensional temples of Light and experienced high frequency transmissions of Light, merging in pure light form with these amazing beings and feeling deeply one with this.

I am in deep gratitude for life, my journey and all that is occurring on the Earth at this time. It is a time of great opportunity and celebration.

This is my third connection to the journey of the Sacred Mystery Schools/School of Self Mastery… once as a student and this is my second mumara journey. The unfolding of the magic, mystery and blessings of this journey is unquantifiable. I wish for you that the journey will unfold in a way that most supports you and your life to know that you are Infinite, you are loved and that love is the most powerful elixir to guide your life. I am humbled to be of service at this time.

I live in the Byron Bay Shire (Ocean Shores) and just love being in the energy of this region. I love being in nature, especially the beaches and the peace and communion with nature at sunrise and sunset.

We honour you, we bless you, we love you. Ky'lama

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Ky'lama's Presence – gift to humanity

Ky'lama is a bridge of consciousness for humanity. Ky'lama is dedicated to inspiring all to release limitations from their lives and to help them embrace the unique gift they are to earth at this time.

Ky'lama has a highly attuned psychic nature that allows him to commune with consciousness and spirit to enable connection, illumination and transformation as the path for all. Allowing the creation of a quantum field of consciousness to activate this transformational process. The Loving Presence of the Enlightened Masters, Archangels, Mother Gaia and Celestials co-create and support this divine experience.

Ky'lama, since childhood, has had a deep affinity with healing – serving and nurturing others and finding deep satisfaction in this aspect of life. Allowing others to find heart connection and truth within.

Ky'lama is a shapeshifter, is telepathic and empathic and deeply sentient.

Ky'lama is a Seer and able to connect to the Divine in all Beings and create a quantum shift in consciousness to uplift others through the experience of Light and Sound.

Ky'lama is the Keeper of Time, the measurement of frequency in all dimensions and his Divine nature is deeply connected to the stars and the celestials. Ky'lama is able to take souls on soul travel to the stars and star portals to experience the multidimensional nature of their being and to ignite remembrance of sacred gifts that their Soul holds.

Ky'lama's work over the last 5 years has seen him travelling to many places in the world to connect through teachings and healings with others and with specific places on the Earth. He has been guided to travel by the Ascended Masters to places such as Siberia in Russia, Italy, Hungary, Switzerland, Egypt, Jordan, Israel, UK, Malaysia, Singapore and Hong Kong to bring the LoveLight Crystalline frequencies of the Higher dimensions to bless people and places. Ky'lama's purpose was to offer service through healing and ceremony to bring deeper harmony and reconnection of the sacredness to all places on the Earth.

Ky'lama's greater consciousness works with the "Fires of Transformation" to clear old patterns of karmic consciousness for humanity, assisting humanity to know that the unified heart is a vibration of transformation and illumination and the most graceful of paths for humanity to walk.

Deep honour and respect for Mother Gaia, and to facilitate a more intimate connection to the Christed Planes here on Earth for all. Ky'lama utilises these gifts and the connection to the Cosmic Fires of Purification to bring reconnection of sacred sites to their original sacred purpose and supports The Family of Light and Mother Gaia to bring a transformation of consciousness and clearing of karma and old paradigms.

Ky'lama's work and programs include the following sacred offerings…

Creating Your Future Self — is a group attunement and recalibration that Ky'lama offers to humanity that has been facilitated over the last 5 years. Ky'lama has held many group events that allow humanity to be presented with a template of their new future self. To guide groups through the process of accessing their future timeline and bringing advanced encodements back to their present time and allow upgrades and reconnections to advanced aspects of soul mastery.

Ky'lama works with the consciousness of souls in a unique way. The energy and process brings a band of energy (from the Light Councils) when working with groups that is individualised because of the channel of broad spectrum energy. This energy accesses many levels of each individual's consciousness to allow transformation and evolution.

Ky'lama works with Master Healing Councils and Light Councils from the Galactic Federation of Light (Star Councils from the Pleiades, Arcturus, Andromeda, Venus, Lyra, Antares, Alpha Centauri), The Ashtar Command and is also oversouled and guided from the Great White Lodge on Sirius.

In the Right Place at the Right Time — is a process Ky'lama has been guided to present to groups. This concept is about allowing the Soul to guide you to know where you are meant to be and when you are meant to be there. This is presented as an attunement process that contains encoded light frequencies that allow your soul to access divine plan records to support the creation of this powerful intention within your Being. This powerful intention propels you to a place where you are strongly guided by the urge of your Spirit and Soul, to undoubtedly know where it is you are meant to be at any time and place. To educate your soul that you are able to cultivate this within yourself through your deep willingness to surrender to the highest path for you, and to allow yourself to be pulsed by this inner urge as to what action is appropriate for you to take or not take at the time.

Attunement Master Healing Sessions — are an attunement for the Soul to allow a process of reconnection and centreing to the Source of Love within and to bring a deeper sense of Love, Fulfilment, Purpose, Creation and Inspiration to a soul's life on the earth plane. Ky'lama facilitates this evolutionary encodement that creates access to higher potentialities.

Stress Release, Relaxation and Archangelic Healing — is a gift that Ky'lama offers to souls in group to assist them to deal with and release stress and be supported to allow life to be met in a balanced and peaceful way. Allowing a quietening of the frenetic mind and bringing greater clarity, and a deep relaxation of the body.

Psychic Surgery — is a beautiful session where the Spirit Doctors, Psychic Surgeons, Spirit Entities and other beings come forth into a sacred space of healing and perform a one hour energy experience that supports body, soul, mind and spirit to be repaired and reconnected.

I am very excited to be sharing this path with all… to open to the depth of loving presence and share the anchoring of this deep within. I look forward to blessing your heart with the gifts that most support your heart and sustain your being as you embody this in the most divine and grace filled way.

My Heart to Your Heart.
Blessed Be.

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