Illumina Christos


I am Illumina Christos and my devotion, initiations and spiritual evolution over the last 25 years has been related to relationship with self, intimate partners, family and to the world. I feel blessed to have been born into circumstances that set me on a path of seeking the truth about love. The true Source of love. I am so honoured to be with you this year as a guide for the Loving Presence Self Mastery school training.

Divine Union has been both my path of learning and embodiment, and what I have taught and supported others with since beginning training in healing and self mastery with Qala Sriama and the Ascended Masters in 1999. The sacred alchemy of the masculine and feminine spirit.

I was co teacher of the Tantra School of Self mastery in 2008–09, for the Orion Pod. I have also been a Mumara, student assistant to Qala from 2005–06, a 1 year Gaia Sacred Mystery School Training in France with the Rakuna Pod. And supported students in other trainings offered by Qala, such as the Christed Emissary one year training for individual students.

Whilst the world offers many distractions, concepts about what love is and isn't, I discovered that the most supportive attitude for my life and relationships was to take responsibility for all I attracted. Perceiving every experience as a gift, and gaining the most value by meeting all loveless feelings, emotions and beliefs with surrender, and the love of my divine presence. It was not always easy, yet dedication to daily practice was profoundly rewarding.

All became increasingly less challenging as this presence grew, due to all I was reclaiming. My faith and knowing was supported by my training with Qala and the Ascended Masters which began in 1999. With every conscious meeting of anything that was not love, a great transformation began to take place and my love, light and empowerment grew.

With each shift I became stronger, wiser and more peaceful and radiant from the inside. The true power of my work and that of the Loving Presence is for the creation of peace and harmony in relationships. It begins with the choice of every man and woman to be responsible for their energy. The alchemy of the masculine and feminine within fosters a true strength of love, courage and empowerment.

If I were to share with you one of my most powerful spiritual experiences, it could be when I was clearing ancient issues of deep grief, and separation from the masculine. This manifested as a large ovarian tumor, 8 years ago. I had a subconscious avoidance program and held deep insecurity around men and sexual attitudes. I'd felt resentment and devastation, creating an underlying fear of abandonment in relationship. Issues arose in my life about masculine sexual attitudes, and until this particular inner journey revealed this to me, I could not believe nor accept I had an equivalent somewhere inside of my field of energy.

One day I explored in meditation with Mother Mary. I was shown a very tall ancient Egyptian golden man that was me. He had a large erection (indicating his values and obsession), and a chain of smaller humans that he was marketing as sex slaves. I met him with great love as there was nothing more I wanted than to heal this split inside of me. His eyes were steely cold. I discovered as I held that love and compassion, a dismantling of his beliefs was needed.

As I found each one he melted and merged with the heart of my presence and healed my deepest feeling of insecurity. The tumor also completely disappeared during this time of determined searching and devotion to transforming my hidden distorted sexual energies and restoring love to those deeper parts of my masculine and feminine spirit.

I live on the beautiful Tamborine Mountain in Australia with my life partner. I am a mother of two grown children that I raised mostly as a single mother, and am grateful for the challenges, richness and growth that parenting afforded my life. I love working and co-creating with my twin flame and share a vision for permaculture farming whilst continuing to grow and offer our work to the world. All with a view to a peace filled and self sustaining earth and humanity.

Blessings of Peace, Love and Unity,

The Illumined Ones and Babaji are the supportive Innerplane enlightened beings Illumina serves and works with for humanity. They are Masters and Emissaries of Divine Union and her journey has been one of devotion to this cause. Her Presence deeply supports the healing and alignment of the feminine spirit within all for the development of one's loving and compassionate nature and balance within life and relationship. This is the foundation for holding the masculine and creating peace and harmony within the self that reflects in the outer reality in relationships with others.

The miracle of 'life force', the unified field, and what creates life, is the same energy that Illumina learned to harness to have more fulfiling relationships. So in effect, she learned to harness that Source energy to grow her love for herself and develop empathy and compassion.

For several years, Illumina gave her path over to experiencing unusual forms of relating in order to understand and reclaim all parts of her, attached to and perceiving the need of others for fulfilment and union, until arriving at a deep place of peace within.

Through periods of relating and hermitage, and trawling the masculine and feminine pathways of her own psyche, a profound multi dimensional transformation began to take place. Her experience was, that due to the inner work, alchemy occurs on the inside that is divine union, and this is how it is manifested externally.

Being witness to the power of transformative practice ignited an immense passion for mastery and guiding others into the highest potential of divine union. Through dedication, she developed an ability to accurately locate and read the energy and consciousness held inside, and to shift it using the merged power of the heart and divine intelligence, for others also.

Illumina is a powerful teacher for transforming relationship. She has been a Student Guide previously and also trained a group of Student Guides for the Self Mastery School of Tantra. Within that school, the Student Guides and students were trained as Tantric Heart Practitioners. She feels privileged and deeply honoured to have been offered a place in this sacred school as Student Guide to those who are assigned to have her as support.

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More of Illumina's work

In addition to her work with Qala Sriama, Amaya Ma and the Divine University, Illumina has offered the following weekend workshops: Restoration to Sacred Sexuality, The Art of Love, Into-me-see, The Evolve Series 1 & 2. And weekends exclusively for Men, Liberation from Attachment to be Loved and Nurtured by the Feminine. And for Women, the Liberation of Attachment to Being Wanted by the Masculine. She has also held a long term weekly group called Inspiring Relationships.

Illumina's Keepership is called the Galactic Heart and Star Gateways. This is the plasma energy that exists at the heart of every star and planet, and at the Heart of every cell within us all. It contains the Love of the Feminine Spirit, the Wisdom and Light of the Masculine Spirit and the power of the two in Union. And all of the other divine qualities that exist, exist here.

Illumina's code systems include the Christ Matrix for the Masculine and Feminine pathways to support the opening of the White Lotus body of Tantra and Divine Union. Restoration to Sacred Sexuality, and the Magladu system that supports the multi dimensional opening of all energy centres along the spinal column for energy flow.

Writing is one of her loves and she has two books underway. Lovers and Initiations, and Love Poems from the Deep.

Illumina's Primary Gifts

Embodied Presence — Devotion to inner work over the years has brought Illumina's divine presence into her body. She has the ability to deeply listen and receive others. And also responds from this place of love and higher mind. Many say that being in her presence makes them feel peaceful and serene. They say she gives healing hugs.

Songs of Divine Union — Illumina is a Singing channel of Divine Union frequencies for clearing, aligning and anchoring the masculine and feminine spirit in union.

Compassion/Empathy — She has the ability to feel and validate the feelings of others and feedback into their field, the truth she knows, in support of profound shifts in energy and consciousness.

Spiritual Teacher — Her training with the Ascended Masters many years ago developed the teacher Presence within her and ability to command space with groups of all sizes.

Transmuter — She has the gift of being a loving listener and reflector of truth that can transmute on the spot, and people may walk away uplifted and empowered to hold themselves more fully.

Reader of Core wounds and the Masculine and Feminine Spirit and Seership — ability to pierce the field and human psyche and name an aspect, reveal and guide another to align it to their loving presence. By reading the core wound, and both the masculine and feminine spirit, relationship dynamics are both understood and aligned to Presence from a deep state of being multi dimensionally open to the Unified Field, before sealing.

Relationship Specialist — deep understanding of the masculine and feminine psyche due to years of personal dedication to evolving through relationship. Including teaching, personal healing sessions, and devoting herself to unusual forms of relating for the purposes of loving, sharing, growing, and grounding truth through these.

Speaker/Presenter — Sharing with audiences about relationship and life from a grounded spiritual perspective.

Relationship Coach — Illumina is the perfect coach for transformative relationship. She offers Intensive support for guiding and changing relationship patterns over a longer term. She helps others become self sustainable in love so the quality of their relating rises, strengthens, and creates more fulfillment.

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