El'elia Jahmika Christos


Blessings beloved hearts... It is with great joy and love that I walk this path as a mumara of the Self-Mastery School of Loving Presence in the group heart of the Lyra Pod. I am filled with deep gratitude for this chance to walk by your side on this sacred journey, to lovingly hold your heart in deep compassion, to help you awaken to the Love of God/Goddess within, and to assist you in grounding your Loving Presence upon the Earth. I humbly offer myself as a holy witness to your beautiful journey of spiritual unfolding. I honor you for hearing the call and bless you with a waterfall of Divine Love, Beauty and Grace as you open your heart to all the blessings that are before you..

My heart's deepest prayer for humanity is that ALL beings be free of suffering and feel unconditionally loved for Who they are, and that we can move beyond all separation into a state of oneness and unity consciousness, knowing that we are truly ONE, and that through this, peace may return to Earth. I pray that our hearts may lead the way and that Love's presence may be anchored and grounded here, in you, and in the hearts of All beings.

My heart has always been my guiding Light, and Love my deepest devotion. I have come to know that Love is truly the greatest healing elixir in the Universe and is what holds everything together in Oneness and Unity. Love is what has brought so much healing to my life and I share this with you now that you may learn to deeply love your beloved soul and know the true gift of your sacred heart.

Learning to love myself has been a life long process, as has been working with feelings of dis-empowerment and the ancient soul wounds I have felt surface throughout my life. I am deeply grateful for these sacred soul wounds as they have been my greatest teachers and have been the training ground for my soul's work upon the Earth. All these personal trials, dark nights of the soul, and spiritual initiations have helped give me the humility and compassion I need to be a loving guide for others, and is what leads me on my path as a spiritual guide and counselor. From this, I bring forth hope so others can truly heal, be free of karmic patterns, and truly awaken to the beauty of their own soul. I have come to realize that all of life's experiences, no matter how painful, are part of the soul's sacred journey and everything in life is a gift, and a part of a greater divine plan, unfolding.

I have also learned that it is deep union with oneself and the "inner beloved" that is what brings deep connection and union with God/dess, as God is truly within us and within in everything in our universe! I find that more and more, I no longer need to seek anything outside self and can find peace in knowing that God/dess abides within, and that everything I see around me is an emanation of God.

Through all I have seen and experienced in life, I have always held a greater vision for humanity and faith in a greater Divine Plan unfolding and this is what I am able to hold for others. I know in my heart, that every single being has a beautiful light inside just waiting to be nurtured and illuminated. It is my spiritual path to work within my heart to find compassion for ALL beings, and for EVERYTHING, and to see every single person and situation, as a reflection of a part of myself, holding the inherent Unity of all life.

The most profound spiritual experiences of my life have been those times when I have experienced a greatly expanded state of consciousness and complete oneness with God/Goddess All-That-Is, where immense Light and Love have filled my heart and my entire being. I have also had visitations and initiations with ascended masters and enlightened beings on the inner planes that have been powerful and heart expanding. One experience that stands out, is a time in a spiritual retreat and priestess initiation, where I had my first experience of being fully in my Divine Presence, completely transcending time and space, where I felt myself in complete synchronistic flow with everything and everyone around me, where we experienced deep soul union and a state of complete oneness, seeing beyond the veils deeply, into the spiritual realms.

It was a couple years after this experience, in late 2008, that I was divinely guided to the Self-Mastery School of Tantra with the Divine University, and to my beloved spiritual teachers, Qala Sri'ama and Illumina Christos. It was here that I found my spiritual home with beautiful soul family and with the presence of many ascended & enlightened masters, angels, archangels, earth guardians and ancient ones. Since this time, I have been blessed to work with Amaya Ma and the Holy Mother, and to train for the past couple of years as a divine channel with In'easa Mabu Ishtar.

I presently live in Maine, on the Northeast Atlantic coast of the US, amongst the green, fertile earth and sacred waters, with my beloved husband Leo. Here we are blessed with a humble little home next to the forest and near the ocean where we live with our two cats and many other creatures, and with a beautiful spiritual center close by that we tend together.

Listening to music, meditating, communing with nature and Spirit, with the sun, moon and stars, writing, dancing, creating beauty, art, ceremony and sacred space all around me, making flower and gem essences, doing yoga, connecting with Spirit and the Ascended Masters, and connecting on a deep soul level with others, continue to be my deepest joys and passions in life.

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El'elia Jahmika Christos' Sacred Path of Service...

El'elia is a spiritual counselor, psychotherapist and loving guide, a divine feminine channel, planetary priestess and mid-wife for the soul. As a tender of the Temple of the Heart, and Keeper of Earth Records and Ancient Ones, she lovingly offers herself in divine service to humanity and Mother Gaia as she assists many beings to heal and release deep soul wounds, ancient and ancestral earth records, bringing them into a place of deep self-love and acceptance of the Divine Essence of Who they really are. El'elia guides and empowers others in the re-awakening of their sacred heart, their ancient wisdom and soul gifts, and into sacred relationship with All-That-Is. She works from her heart and intuition, and accesses the wisdom of the ancients, the elements and Mother Gaia's healing heart, invokingthe Divine dispensations of many Councils of Light, Ascended Masters, Angels, Archangels, Elohim and Ancient Ones in all her healing work, as well as in her sacred ceremonies, activations and guided meditations. As a Divine Feminine channel and emissary for the New Earth, her soul's mission is to hold a sacred, compassionate and loving space for others during this profound transition on earth, to help in the release of ancient earth records, and to help anchor the sacred light codes of the Christ-Magdalene lineage on earth. She is deeply devoted to her unfolding path as a Magdalene and to help awaken Christ Consciousness within the hearts of all beings, and to nurture the Sacred Marriage of the Divine Feminine and Masculine on Earth.

El'elia comes to bless you with sacred gifts of Love from the Heart of the Goddess and her Divine Presence, and lovingly offers you her:

Loving Presence — that holds a profoundly open, loving and healing space that allows you to feel held in a sacred womb space of deep embrace. Here you can feel safe to surrender and explore your deepest heart and soul as Divine Love and Light are transmitted to you. As you are bathed in healing light, your darkest and deepest places within are illuminated. Through this, the beautiful light of your Spirit is uncovered and able to shine.

Empathy and Compassion — that will help you feel deeply understood, seen and accepted on a deep soul level. This helps you to know that you are not alone and that you are truly connected within a larger unified field of love and compassion. Her ability to see the gifts and beauty within each Soul helps to nurture the unfolding of one's sacred soul gifts. When provided a safe, compassionate and loving environment, your soul is able to flourish and your soul gifts revealed.

Spiritual Counseling — to guide your journey of soul healing and transformation, supporting your connection with Spirit, and guiding you to your own inner wisdom, divine truth and heart-knowing. She also can help you heal and release your deepest soul wounds from childhood and past lives, and birth the gifts of your Divine Presence on Earth.

Christ-Magdalene Light as a Priestess of the Goddess — to help you learn to create sacred space for yourself in which to commune with nature and God/dess, All-That-Is. Invoking Spirit and Earth energies to help honor lunar and seasonal cycles, live in harmony with nature and the universe, create sacred ceremony, altars, crystal grids, to guide you into deep meditation, and to lovingly anoint you with the healing elixirs of the Divine Feminine and the Christ-Magdalene Light.

Divine Channelling — aligning with her pillar of Light and many light beings to offer you gifts of Spirit and to help you anchor your own pillar of Light. She offers her sacred sound and language of Light, and the Divine Feminine Light that flows through her heart, to yours.

Crystal-Sound Healing — with crystal singing bowls, sacred sound and language of light to anoint and bless you.

Ancient Earth Wisdom Keeper — to help you learn to use the ancient healing of stones, crystals, flowers, herbs and nature to bring deep healing to your body and soul, and create sacred rituals for all life's passages.

My heart feels so deeply blessed to be walking the path of Divine Presence as a mumara in this sacred mystery school with you and to be of service in any way I can to help you awaken your sacred heart and anchor your Loving Presence on Earth.

My heart welcomes you on this journey... In deep love and devotion to the One Heart of All-That-Is,
El'elia Jahmika Christos


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