Ama'zjhi Anjelique Kumara


"In this eternal moment, I ignite the full presence of my heart flame to open for the opportunity of divine loving connection. I bow to your divine presence and all that you have created and all that you wish and will create as you open to the fullness of your divine potential. It is my heart wish for you, Beloved One, to know you have a heart song that informs you of your sacred path and that there are many who wish to know your heart's expression. The power that your unique expression holds is a gift to many, who are in gratitude, and who are waiting for you and the magnificence of your being to rise into the fullest creative expression.

I AM in holy service to the ONE HEART of Source itself and I come again to share my spiritual gifts and Ancient wisdom through the Lineages where I have held mastery for the evolution of consciousness and Humanity's ascension. I AM Ama'zjhi Anjelique Kumara, Keeper of the Divine Mother's Breath, and I bring forth the 7 streams of Creation to awaken one's connection to the presence of divinity that lives within. I am a divine voice channel bringing forth the sounds from the spheres in light languages for the recalibration of the human energy matrix after the resolution and karmic absolution to repattern and bring in divine order into the energy field for expansion and evolution.

I live in the Hudson Valley, upstate NY where I can enjoy the beauty of orchards, mountains and gardens. I spend time singing with others in sacred song and dancing in community. I AM fortunate and blessed to be with my husband for 34 years and we have 2 amazing children, 20 and 16 years old. I AM blessed to have a spiritual community that has grown, and students who have become family. The Violet Alchemy® Temple is on my property and I AM so blessed to share it with others."

Ama'zjhi Anjelique Kumara, Dona Ho Lightsey, is the Creator of Violet Alchemy® Healing. She is a channel for the Ascended Masters, bringing forth ancient teachings to re-ignite the Divine Feminine in Balance with the Divine Masculine within all hearts, to herald in the resurgence of the Christ Consciousness to assist and support planetary Ascension at this time. Her offering of Goddess Activations open, align, attune, co-creating the powers of the feminine holy presence to bless, anoint, ignite, heal and birth a soul's life force and their Divine connection to their soul's gifts and their ascension body of light, to their true frequency. This reactivates a new chemistry in the body, liberating the Soul to create a divine union within. She brings forth the Wisdom of Sirius and the Compassion and Healing of Venus. Ama'zjhi delivers sacred Sound Codes from the Cherubim and Seraphim in the divine sound of creation to re-pattern the energy matrix, in Sacred Geometry, enabling a reassembling of the 24 strand DNA, the original blueprint for humanity, to repattern and bring in divine order into the energy field for expansion and evolution.

As an emissary of the Violet Flame, the 12 Sacred Rays, and the Ancient Sacred Mystery School teachings, Ama'zjhi has brought forward (from 2001-2008) and co-created with the Masters, a Modality of Karmic Absolution and Multi-dimensional healing known as Violet Alchemy ® Healing which transmutes unresolved past life Karma and unresolved psychology that is still present within the Human Energy field.

The second phase of Violet Alchemy®Healing known as "Archangel Michael's Warriors of Love" was developed in 2011-2012. This sect of work liberates a Soul from Unwanted Themes of darkness, that perpetuate fear and separation from one's divinity and Human Miscreations, which were created out of dysfunctions and erroneous beliefs, both which limit the ability for a Soul to expand in light, love and consciousness. The Third Phase 2014, will be a 13 moon Mystery school called, "The Magdalens and the Knights of the Ruby Ray".

Registered in 2010, this certification and training is now being taught in a 9 month "Alchemical Journey of Rebirth and Renewal" by Ama'zjhi in accordance with the enlightened Masters. She has received visitations from the enlightened Masters and Archangels and direct guidance, activations and initiations since 1990, and has been guided and gifted to offer Christ activations and the Trinity attunements of the Divine Masculine, Divine Feminine and Divine Child to others in the Violet Alchemy® Temple over the past 10 years.

Ama'zjhi brings full presence and receptivity to be able to read a Soul's unresolved wounds and limiting patterns and behaviors, enabling her to facilitate deep healing for many and then uplift and recalibrate through sound transmissions of encoded light frequencies.

In 2005, Ama'zjhi began working with Qala Sri'ama, and received her certification in Sound Healing through Tom Kenyon's Acoustic Brain Research program. This combination activated her abilities to reconnect to the ancient languages of light and love, which created a CD in 2006, The Lotus and the Rose - Offerings from the Chalice. These songs were channeled gifts from many emanations of the Divine Feminine.

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A most profound Spiritual experience with Sananda Christ, Magdalen and Quan Yin was in 2004, and I wrote about it on my website titled, "The JOURNEY". Here is an excerpt:

"The energy in the room began to shift once again, and we could feel a heavy energy of love building in our heart centers. I began to feel ripples of love running up from my feet up into my head. My body was tingling from this magical sensation and a newness, a blessing was coming in for us. I heard through my clairaudience, Beloved Quan Yin, Goddess of compassion, loudly decreeing and invoking a Divine Presence. A Sistar was standing over me and stated clearly that she was seeing a beautiful vision of the "Sacred Heart of Jesus" above me. I could feel Jesus/Yeshua's presence at my feet, waves of love pouring into our circle and through my inner vision. He came closer and the energies intensified. He was offering us a healing. I could clearly hear him speaking and he said, " I have come because you hold the streams of my mother and my bride, Beloveds". The transmission he offered brought waves of tingling sensations up through our bodies, and it was delightful, beautiful and pleasurable. I was crying the whole time from the immense feelings of expansion in my heart and body, and the profound gratitude that we would receive such a gift of divine dispensation delivered so personally to us. It was beyond the beyond in comprehension that after all we had already experienced through Isis, Mary and Magdalen, we were being given a gift from Yeshua! Quan Yin came again, and this beautiful white lotus about 2 ft. in diameter, was placed on my heart chakra, fully bloomed and then Magdalen placed a huge, pink Rose on top of the lotus, and it too, began to bloom into its fullness.

Through my inner vision, I could see as well as feel the exquisiteness of the lotus and the rose, and I was intoxicated by the essence of it all. And then, above all of this, as if this wasn't enough, Yeshua was before me with his right arm extended right palm facing toward me with pointer and middle fingers to the heavens, holding the "sacred heart" above me, with the energy of his outstretched hand.....then slowly he began to lower his hands, and the sacred heart lowered through the Will of His intention. And then I knew that he was going to put it into my heart chakra!!!

I felt a sharp point pierce through the rose, the lotus and then through my body, and I can say that it felt as real as a physical object piercing through my flesh. I convulsed with an exhale of agony meeting in the next moment the ecstasy. The magic and the intensity of this gift was now being fully released into and assembled within me. My mind was disappearing into the expansion of my greater knowing and my body was in complete surrender. The Sacred Heart was indeed real, potent and magnificent to behold, and the limited perception I held of a tattooed, religious symbol was almost comical in its visual descriptive narrative. My mind was being blown open, as my body was being pummeled by the force and pressure of a mountain waterfall of divine frequency cascading down and up from my heart chakra in both directions. My heart and body were vibrating with such great intensity as the energy of the Sacred Heart entered each chakra, and I was moved to great emotion, moaning and weeping by the magnificence of it all. Through my tears, I could hear Yeshua and Magdalen thanking me with words of love and gratitude. Through this gift of their Sacred Hearts, I was completely overwhelmed and so humbled by this outpouring of love. They thanked me for creating the circle, for calling the women forth, and for listening to every detail and the instructions with integrity, and for honoring their wishes.

This day, a day of blessings, and this gift, the greatest gift of communion I have ever received, still continues to move me and give back to me in ways that are still evolving. It is my hope that all who gathered that day to help anchor and reactivate a frequency of an ancient lineage are standing on the altar for their own upliftment, listening to their inner call and using their voice of creative expression and holding within themselves this magic that was so palpable on that day. I look forward to the ever expanding circles of love that are being created and revealed in the days to come."

My Seven primary Gifts:

Rainbow bridge channel — an open conduit to receive and transmit higher frequencies and information.

Karmic Absolution — offering deep resolution of unresolved Karma and psychology through transmutation of the Akashic records that are ready to be healed.

Sound Healer — recalibrating the energy matrix with sacred geometry for repatternning and realignment and expansion.

Activations — are a gifting from the Ascended Masters and Archangels to help a Soul remember. Once received, a Soul will long for their higher connections and move into reclamation of their higher potential.

Christ Master Attunements — calling the cellular structure into realignment and capturing the original essence of crystalline or CHRIST aligned body by reseeding a holy vibration offered into the matrix of the Soul.

Goddess Ignitions — with the assistance of the enlightened Mothers, creating accelerated movement for a group to reactivate their higher consciousness to reclaim the divine feminine within.

Divine Mother Transmissions — creates a field of voidal frequencies or Love in its most concentrated exponential form. This allows anyone in the field to receive deep healing and an experience of a return to the Oneness.

Ama'zjhi facilitates:

  • Violet Alchemy® Dowsing Healing sessions - weekly
  • JourneyDance™ and Violet SONIC Alchemy® sound healing journeys — monthly
  • Star Mother Council of 12 Women - bringing forth new and ancient teachings from a constellation of Star Mothers - monthly
  • Open-2-Channel classes — 3 hour class for VA® graduates only — monthly
  • Violet Alchemy® Dowsing Mystery School — A 9 month Training and Energy Healing Certification — one weekend a month
  • Sacred Sound Ceremonies — journey into healing and expansion.

My vision for humanity is for the awakening and activation of each heart chakra into the remembrance of one's spiritual self and universal oneness, and the will to do the inner healing work needed to arise into Christ/Unity consciousness, to be the co-creators we are meant to be. The gift of Violet Alchemy® as well as many other forms of healing, facilitating humanity's evolution through God's grace, would bring safety and protection, deep psychological healing and freedom from the illusions that have bound us for too long, allowing a reconnection to Spirit. People would remember that their divine magnificence is what is needed to activate their individual gifts, which are meant to restore the balance on Mother earth as each lives in co-operation with humanity and Gaia".

Dona Ho Lightsey

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