Amaya Makira Kumara


In the light of our divinity, we meet you in loving embrace, To spark the dreaming of the fullness of love's presence, oneness and unity, blessing us deeply as we travel the sacred hallways of our chosen paths...

This dream and heartfelt prayer, we hold inside for you and every soul. It is actualised dear heart, when our love bursts out to others, unencumbered, flooding from our source, as the pure essence of our heart. As Amaya Makira Kumara, we have come to know this place inside, and to know that love is a precious gift beyond any gift this physical world may hold. We stand with you now with this gift, dear one, to serve you to bring your gifts into this world, to bring your Loving Presence forth, to live with your inner smile, shining out through the twinkles of your eyes and all of your body. Such is the gift of the Loving Presence when it activates from within. It holds within it the power of regeneration, the power of birth, and the alchemical transformation of the deepest and most ancient misnomers that may yet be directing your path, dear one.

Our path as Amaya Ma has been one of great blessings, for each deep learning, each awkward moment took us deeper inside to the source of love, to seek its refuge, healing and solace, and a friendship was born that has grown to be our greatest achievement in this life. It cannot be measured, it can only be lived and it brings us to this place of holding this heart dream doorway open for you, dear one. It is what I offer with sincerity and the grace of our love.

Our heart dream is that within the beauty of all of our humanity, we each nurture this place of pure loving presence, however dusty or sooted, however misted up with tears, the windows of our hearts may be. Our heart dream holds the vision of every soul without exception, held tenderly within the petals of the lotus of compassion of the collective heart of our humanity. Our dream sees all hearts cleansed of all suffering and pain of all yesterdays and tomorrows, and each soul awakened and driven by the pure light and love of their soul, in its fullest expression. Our vision, dreams the dreams of peace held in every heart, so every knock on every heart door is embraced with the knowing it is safe to open to another, for all have come to live from that place of protection that is Love's eternal presence, in divine harmonic resonance with the essence of their soul.

Amaya Ma once held a deep hopelessness inside, dear child, a solid belief in failure. She kept her distance, far away from others, and for many years, felt terror as the first waking moments of each day. Thoughts of leaving this world would come but the one love that kept her here was her love of Gaia, the Holy Mother's Presence, and her great light she could not leave. Over a period of 13 years of training and self healing and an ever evolving deep focus on Love initiations, the energy of the deeper, traumatic experiences that arose, sourced from the Meniere's Dis-ease that she once held, transformed to pure love and a greater light, have embodied now as the Loving Presence. This journey, blessed by the grace of other initiates around her, her spiritual soul family, The Divine Mother, the Enlightened Masters and her Divine Presence, has a beautiful outcome. For from her commitment to Love, ignited by the necessity to melt with love's presence, terror, rage, grief, and all that arose as memory... she found her Divine Heart to be her greatest ally and she now offers you this same solution for any part of your troubled world, both inner and outer... to go to this source of refuge, to reach inside, to stretch your mind and bring that presence of love into embodiment, to bless your life, to birth the dream... for Love's presence is always heard and in its divine presence, all heals, all is nurtured to grow and stand tall.

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The Divine Mother

Love's Presence in its holy manifestation is The Divine Mother, God's love, and it lives within every heart, within everything, in the silence and stillness that is beyond time, in form and of the formless. Our Loving Presence sources from this place, the grace of the Divine Mother's frequencies, and brings forth these as the Holy Mother's Wisdom and Love. This is the gift of this journey. May it bless your life now and may these words ignite the faith within you that this path of embodied love is possible for you also, dear heart. Your Loving Presence also sources from this place and our dream for you is to meet it, live it and know it within you, as your dear heart friend and guide.

As love, we have come to now know that throughout each step on our path, all is healable, without exception. All is able to be touched by love and just one touch of love, begins the change... so we are here holding the faith with all, in full certainty, no matter how long it takes, we all will succeed to live the dream, simply through the intention to do so, together, and never alone, for as you will discover, love's presence has never left you. It is always with you, around you and deep inside. This presence of love is the Divine Mother.

Our Path of Service

This path we have walked has been one of deep service to Mother Earth, to the Divine Plan, to the work of the Enlightened Masters, and has deeply served our own path of evolution. The initiations of service we have met have blessed aspects of our karma to be purified, and for our heart to open. Our service has been to the planetary portals of the earth through much travel with group, and also within this walk, in divine service as we have served beside our mentor, teacher and sacred friend for the past 13 years, we have been regularly receiving the wisdom teachings and love, guidance and divine dispensations directly from the enlightened planes, via this very special friend's divine channel. This is a unique gift that has now integrated to a deeper level within, and is able to be gifted as embodied light, love and illumination that enhances, uplifts and graces the path of spiritual initiates whom we touch in any way.

The mastery of our Divine Presence is that of keeper of Mountains and Springs, the portals of initiation that serve all being's Christ nature, ascension and enlightenment to birth on earth. This mastery is brought to you through this school in the form of sacred encodements, understandings, wisdom teachings, deep love and the path of grace with your Love initiations. Amaya Makira Ma offers her voice in divine channel for the ancestral and voidal Mothers, the dispensations of the angelic Mothers and the Masters, the galactic Mother, and the divine love and wisdom of the Holy Mother. She works in co-creation with the Angelics, the Archangels, and the Enlightened Masters and carries a unique and sacred gift as a transmissional channel to ignite a soul's heart to be filled with pure love. It is through a journey of twelve years on the inner planes with the Enlightened Masters that she has activated these gifts as a transmissional healing channel, spiritual teacher, and ambassador of the Holy Mother as her service in this life.

Amaya Ma carries a special light for all souls to open to their divinity, and with her compassionate heart, provides a sacred and safe space for souls to receive powerful experiences that open the heart and illuminate the love and light within their being. Deep healing occurs for all souls who receive these divine healing transmissions. May this gift of light bless your heart to open and clear, as fears, memories drop away, each one blessed in its divine timing with the pure love of your being.

Amaya Ma has taught retreats and workshops in Canada, USA, Mexico, and Australia and over a period of 10 years, personally guided many souls to come into a place of balance through the power of her Divine Presence, the gifts of reading the akasha, and the use of her channel to deliver compassion, love and the wisdom gained through many lifetimes, and the initiations she had met on her path in this life. She has served as a mumara for the first 2 one year mystery schools and the Christ Emissary training, offered her teacher gifts to the Divine Mother Mystery School and delivered full moon linkup meditations for a period of 4 years.

Amaya's new home is in Egypt, beside the Great Pyramid of Giza and it is through this portal that the gift of her Divine Presence will deliver the work of this school. Amaya has birthed two beautiful children in this life and also spends time with her mother, whom she loves deeply and mentors spiritually.

The most heart opening moments for Amaya Ma are to be in the physical presence of the majestic mountains, the cliff faces, especially of the Andes and Himalayas and in the presence of nature, ancient forests, deep lakes, rivers and wildlife. She loves to create sacred art, to dance and to listen to music infused with Spirit, both deeply devotional and heart mind body, entrancing. She loves the sense of community that is inspirationally now activating worldwide as our humanity opens into group consciousness... but most of all she loves Love itself, and to gift Love in oneness with the winged heart of all Love Divine.

Blessed Be, dear one! Blessed Be! Blessed Be!