The Self Mastery School of Loving Presence

A One Year Training with the Holy Mother & Enlightened Masters
Sanat & Venus Kumara, Buddha, Tara, Christ, Nada, Archangel Michael & Faith

Facilitated by the Loving Presences of
Sri'ama Qala Phoenix & Amaya Makira Kumara

14th February 2014 – 15th February 2015

With all of our love, we invite you to join The Lyra Pod of Loving Presence to link your heart with over 100 people worldwide, to receive the divine teachings and healing journeys from the Enlightened Realms so you may complete your 3 initiations of divine love in service to Mother Earth, yourself, your family, community, humanity and all beings.

If you are committed to your spiritual path, and you would love to build a sacred altar in your home and sit by it regularly, to work in a divine pillar, a chamber, and temple of Love, to receive the light and love from God-Source, and meet your Loving Presence with the divine assistance of The Holy Mother, Enlightened Masters, Archangels, Angels and your Venusian or Arcturian Higher Self, this journey will truly be a magnificent manifestation of heart opening for all aspects of your being.

Love in its purest expression is the greatest healing power humanity holds. It is our pure love that unbinds us from our greatest of challenges in life. Your lifetime has been chosen by you long ago, and in the eternal house of your spirit, all knowledge and wisdom you may need to fulfill your life path and sacred promise, will be remembered and re-engaged through the touching of your heart and your pure love, to another.

Touching the heart of another soul, awakens their inner light out of any cycle of darkness or lack of wellbeing. You too, have this gift inside, to touch the heart of another soul and experience the pure love of your heart. This gift is known as YOUR LOVING PRESENCE.

The Loving Presence of your Soul is your Open Heart, living in holy communication with God and all sentient beings. To open this gift you hold inside, is to reach into the depth of your heart and choose love as the path, and only path, in the presence of all karma you may meet in your life. An amazing gift of grace comes to those who give love from the depths of their heart, and choose the Path of Loving Presence.

Through this, 'your voice of love' speaks words of kindness, healing and wisdom and through this, offers sanctuary to all souls. This is the power you will awaken as your Loving Presence births through you and guides you to touch others deeply, heart to heart. As you touch others with your Loving Presence, you are deeply touched by God's love and you embody more love, and God's love guides you.


  • Join a global community of students and make the shift to a higher love vibration
  • Create a Pillar & Temple of Love in your own home for one year as your service to your family and our world
  • Ignite your Loving Presence and clear the 7 dimensions of your heart chakra
  • Unite with your Venusian or Arcturian Higher Self to receive your divine truth and live purely from your heart centre
  • Receive Visitations and Healing Dispensations from the Holy Mother, Archangels, Angels and Enlightened Presences in your own home
  • Be supported to complete your Initiations of Self Love, Family/Soul Family Love and Love for Humanity
  • Clear your soul, family karma or collective karma regarding loss of faith, divine child connection, or self identity
  • Train as an akashic record reader to read and clear the 7 dimensions of the heart
  • Align your consciousness to the Laws of the Universe and receive Greater Support on all levels of your being
  • Offer world prayers in service to all beings and learn to balance your karma with service through the open heart
  • Enlighten your Aspects or Ego nature with the principle teachings of love and light
  • Build and Develop your Heart Chakra to become a powerful love transmitter & touch another's heart with divine love
  • Train with the Enlightened Masters and the Holy Mother to birth the power of your Loving Presence in your everyday life
  • Receive regular, monthly personal support with a trained mentor/mumara